The Early Days


Padang rice platter and spicy steamed anchovy

fusili, wood mushroom  and vegetable stir fry

fusili, wood mushroom and vegetable stir fry

At the first time I tried doing food photography, I used anything available at the house. The Padangnese rice platter with anchovy and vegetables was my lunch. Potato sticks and peanuts were the most necessary condiment that must always be available all the time, it’s my husband’s favorite. Finally the stir fry was my lunch the next day.

I didn’t quite understand before the purpose making food photography. I thought it’s just to make food look more pretty, plated neatly and inviting. I’m not familiar using my pocket camera too. I didn’t know what is ISO, which one to pick. Setting the shutter, lighting, angle, etc.

But if you ask me now, I still not quite understand what are those photographer fancy terms means. Now, I work by instinct. I’ll talk about that later.

The truth is there are a few other pictures that earliest, but thats just too horrible to display. Some time when I regain more confident, I’ll post it with the catchy background stories.


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