Breakfast With Balls


Umm, I know what some of you might think of the title. It’s a bit odd, but quite catchy right? Hahaha.
On this post I want to share some of breakfast meal in the form of balls. Yup, “balls” on the title refer to the food shape of a round 3D and multiple number. Nothing else.
Ball shaped food is the easiest way to give a certain ingredient another form than its original presentation. When we have shortage of produce variety to play with, mothers or cooks in a community must be creative. Changing the shape of an ingredient ultimately shift the flavor and texture ergo a new dish had created.
For hardy breakfast, which usually filled with carbohydrate food, make in in a ball shape is the easiest way to be creative.

Ghee Idly by Tasty Indian Food
Ghee Idly, a photo by Tasty Indian Food on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Ghee Idly


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