Banquet for breakfast, Korean style

Korean breakfast by Scott Butner
Korean breakfast, a photo by Scott Butner on Flickr.

In my eye, this is not breakfast. This is a banquet for feast.
I’m sure it takes quite preparations the night before, and must be done routinely to make it effortless. Amazing attitude towards eating and food by Korean culture.

So nice to see different way of eating with similar ingredients from our fellow earth residents.
I can’t skip the distinct choice about the selection of food we eat at breakfast time.

I’m Indonesian, similar to other south east asian culture we ate a lot of carbohydrate based dish. Since our staple food is rice, our common choice for breakfast is rice with condiment.
As the western influence grew on us, the next choice for breakfast is bread based breakfast. Sandwich, pancakes, waffles, etc.
Very difficult to find a bunch of vegetables on our breakfast table these days.


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