Soupy breakfast


For most of Asian, we have this urgency to eat rice or its derivative (porridge, rice cake, rice noodles) for breakfast. It’s won’t be a meal if there weren’t with rice. That’s the common phrase in javanese community.
Rice (and its derivative) is staple, even more, it’s a religious must for breakfast just like eggs for westerners.
Rice noodles in Laksa Singapore or rice cakes in Katupek Gulai padang are just example. If we eat rice on its original form, then it would be dry breakfast like Fried rice. But when we ate its variance, usually we choose the soupy ones. Although we may have fried rice noodles whom is less soupy for lunch, but we certainly will choose the one with light warm broth for breakfast.
We need to fill our tummy to the fullest and enjoy the warm sensation after eating hot and spicy broth.

Singapore: Soupy breakfast by hradcanska
Singapore: Soupy breakfast, a photo by hradcanska on Flickr.

Katupek Gulai Paku Jo Randang
If you observe the huge chunks of meats and vegetables on Katupek Gulai Padang, I’m sure it’ll more suitable for lunch than breakfast. But we like our hearty, filling breakfast to start our day (sometimes).


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