Vegetable Fritter, the closest vegetarian breakfast for me

Veggie fritters stack with japanese green tea

A couple of days back I crave for fried stuff. All that greasy and savory fried chicken or french fries, umm makes me drool every time I have a mental picture of it.

Actually, now I’m in no fried meal and less oil diet. It didn’t even last for a whole week yet, but as a food junkie, I crave. My craveness is unbearable and sometime give me a lot of trouble. Like eating furiously or endless swallowing buckets of ice cream. Both possibilities seem not very flattering.

To ease my brain a little bit, I’m making my own version slightly healthy fried vegetable fritters.

Vegetable fritters are one of my all time favorite snacks. I can also eat these alone as my main dish. But when I’m not that in to fried veggies, it can be placed as a condiment for my rice or noodles.

Veggie fritters stack with japanese green tea

Veggie fritters stack with japanese green tea

Like any other meal, veggie fritters have the high-end version and the sewer end version. If the veggies flour-eggs are organics or at least a few of them is; if the cook use olive oil and not regular vegetable oil; and when no flavor enhancer added to the mix, it would be the expensive veggie fritters.

The type of veggies used for fritters distinguished the cost. The sewer end version (ridiculously cheap, for $1 you can get 30 pieces) only use white cabbage, regular bean sprout and a hint of carrots sometimes. While the restauranteurs one usually added with a lot more carrots, shrimp, sweet corn even green beans, bell peppers, zucchini or kiyuri.

For commoners, these fritters sometime can be their only meal for the day. It was so cheap due to the use of left over vegetables from the market stall.
I don’t want to pin point the plus or minus side of veggie fritters. Just want to emphasize that these veggie fritters are versatile in terms of the ingredients and also how people enjoy it.

I, however, liked the warm fritter with spicy and sour chilli-lemon dipping sauce for my breakfast.

What about you?

*VB stands for Vegetarian Breakfast


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