Liquid Breakfast

Breakfast by IngoSurya
Breakfast, a photo by IngoSurya on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
My typical Acehnese breakfast. Coffee as black and thick as tar, taken in a small roadside coffeeshop.

Culinary world may not think Indonesian as coffee junkie, but the fact is, we are. In some province we have the most hardcore habit in drinking coffee than in other regions.
Our coffee taste different between province. Acehnese coffee is the one who give me the most acidity than coffee from Medan, Padang, Lampung, Bali or even Kalimantan. Jogjakartans like their KOPI JOSS. It’s a glass of mud coffee in boiling hot water, then added a chunk of flaming charcoal in it. When the burning charcoal hits the coffee we can hear the sound “joss….”, that makes the name.

It’s quite common to have breakfast only a glass of black thick mud coffee and a cigarette for elderly gentlemen. I call it the liquid breakfast. It will give you the umph! for the day, without bloated stomach.


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