Fertility symbol, generous pomegranate by the garden


I can’t get enough of this luscious and gem-like fruit. Pomegranate is my new favorite thing in the world. It’s like a triple threat fruit: Beautiful looking, Taste good and Loaded with vitamins.

Pomegranate plays important role in javanese culture, and most Islamic influenced Indonesian culture. The holy Quran only mention very few names of fruit, one if them is pomegranate. It was mentioned as fruit from heaven, due to the intricate and delicate form. Multi layered, multi laminar fruit that revealing its jewel-ish pockets of seeds with a splash or two pink-ruby juices.

fertile pome

fertile pome

For middle easterners, since the very beginning, pomegranate has the reputation as fertility symbol. So when Islamic culture penetrate Indonesian coast line, specially in Java island, the concept is inherited. Not only from middle east, Javanese also received influence from Buddhist and Chinese culture that assume pomegranate as symbol for good wealth, prosperous family with many children, fruit that full with God’s blessing for the bright future. Therefore, the Javanese use the pomegranate for special ceremony when bridal shower and for pregnant woman in their 7th month of pregnancy. It used in a hybrid dish between fruit salad and cocktail called Rujak.

generous, prosperous pome

generous, prosperous pome

Besides ceremonial function, pomegranate is always appreciated as an elite fruit that can cure most gloom condition. For regular use, pomegranate was eaten to ease fever. Javanese women’s health also maintained with the leaves and roots of pomegranate. Specially for good skin, healthy womb and off course fertility.

While I, yours truly, I just fall in love to the way it look, smell, taste and it texture, how it surprised me with hidden pockets. Pomegranate, is the face for fertile and fertility. I took the pictures at my parent’s backyard that also has the white pomegranate trees. I think the greenish background boost up the sense of fertile from the fruit even more.

fertility up and below pome

fertility up and below pome


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