Nightshift: Peeping the coffee maker


My husband is a neurosurgeon, he often get nightshift at the hospital. And I, an insomniac girl, often come and accompany him stay up all night at his hospital.
While he were busy managing his patients, I enjoy the serenity of an empty office, fast internet access and the smell of freshly brewed coffee from the coffee maker.
This is a new coffee maker, and I like observing how the first drop of black liquid came out from the valve to the cup. Too bad the machine too noisy, it annoyed me eventually. But my husband said, sometime he appreciate the noisy sound. It remind him that he’s not alone, at least with the coffee maker.
Speaking of this machine makes me think about the coffee drinking culture. Indonesian usually drink mud coffee at the afternoon or maybe during nightshifts. But we are originally not accustomed to use coffee maker. This is another culture phenomena, as a spreading infectious addiction to freshly grind then brewed coffee. Not enough getting it at our nearest cafes, we need it available at our office.
Check out my picture that try to captured the empty office through a peeping tom point of view to the coffee maker.

peeping the coffee maker

peeping the coffee maker

craving for a cup of coffee

craving for a cup of coffee

a cup of coffee on emptiness

a cup of coffee on emptiness


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