Sacrifice for Rise


If you hear the word sacrifice, would you ever think about food? I do.
For so many reason, talking about food not always fun, happy and glamour. Most of the time people shed their sweat, tears and blood to be able to feed their family or harvesting a good produce.
Well, although I’m discussing sacrifice here but I don’t want to make us too depressed. I find the simplest yet gracious sacrifice of food is on our backyard.

My parent’s backyard had starfruit trees, sugar-apple trees and pomegranate trees beside pandanus, common bushes and flowers. Since my parents only live by them selves, most of the fruit were un-eatable. My dad is very strict about not wasting food away, he even eat all the left overs or gave them to the wild kittens rather than throw them away to the garbage bin.
Regarding the fruits, after sending to all his neighbor until they got bored, he let it fall to the ground. Every now and then I would see them lying around in the ground for couple of days until dissolved by nature.

Rising plant is not easy. Neither bushes, flowers, grass or trees. But my parents have the best soil, everything grow easily.

My family and I assume, that phenomena happens due to the essence of star fruits, sugar apples and pomegranates penetrate the soil and nourish it. They allow their strong-snappy flesh go rotten, liquefy then disappear to the ground.

I see it as a self sacrifice gesture from these fruits (with a little help from my dad, off course). Gave away their juicy and nutritious body to nature, allowing another living organisms to bloom.

All the sugar apples are gone a few weeks ago. The pomegranate still hanging strongly to their stalk, not their time yet. Now, is the starfruit’s turn.

This is a sad but beautiful story from my parents backyard.

Yellow and green allowing pink to grow

Yellow and green allowing pink to grow

sacrificing starfruit

sacrificing starfruit

Pink blossom thanking rotten yellow

Pink blossom thanking rotten yellow


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