The Ultimate Chicken Noodle (a Mouthful Medan)

The Top Toppings

Chicken Noodle (Mi Ayam) is one of generic for any meal time type of food in Indonesia.
It positioned at the same spot as fried rice (Nasi Goreng), padangnese platter (Nasi Padang), Chicken Porridge (Bubur Ayam) and Meatball soup noodle (Mi bakso).

You see, I am an ordinary Javanese women. I like chicken noodles, but I never took it seriously as a reputable dish. I tasted restaurant and branded bowls of chicken noodles. It never ranked as high-end food for me.

Then I married to a foodie family. Who took everything they eat seriously. My father in law will go climb the mountain or swim across the sea to find a tasteful meal.

It did happen for a chicken noodles from Medan.

The humble restaurant located at the corner Gwandu Street or Jl. Perniagaan, Medan. You won’t miss it. It will be the busy vendor at the afternoon until midnight. It called “Mi Ayam Akong/ Acim“.

The creator is Mrs. Acim. Her magical hands delivered an extraordinary recipe for the Ultimate chicken noodles.

Now, her son Akong, continuing her mother’s path to keep the recipe at their family.

God knows how many chicken noodle I’ve tasted. From restaurants, street vendors, home-made, five stars hotel, branded, chained, food court style, etc. Some of them are great, some good, most of them mediocre if not bad.

Just like the other delicacy from Medan I’ve tasted, I knew it from reheated ones. My mother in law brought back from Medan, put it on freezer. If we want to eat it, we melt it with microwave and boil the broth. Even when the food was post freezing dormant, exposed to multiple heat exposure still make me fall in love.

Yeah, I’m in love with this dish without tasting the fresh ones.

Love at the first slurp

What’s to love from a simple chicken noodle?
The answer is, What’s NOT to love?

The egg noodles, it’s freshly made. Al dente enough to give you something to bite for, but not rubbery. The brown sauce used to coated boiled noodles is to die for.

look at that secret brown sauce!

Behind the scene of the ultimate chicken noodles

I’m guessing it is reduced broth from shrimp’s head, chicken bones and more. They are certain that their noodles Halal or pork free.

A small bowl of clear broth the served with. Silent tune that sings “chicken broth” in the subtle way yet still palatable. Seasoning is excellent in most harmonious way between simple salt and pepper.

Clear chicken broth

Clear chicken broth

The shrimp dumplings is the prima donna of the dish. A tube form of dumpling, using tofu skin to rolled the shrimp meat then deep-fried. While wait our bowls of noodles ready we munch on the dumplings dipped it to their special sambal. Just in minutes me and my husband finished five little serve plates of it. Again, the seasoning is superb.

Fried shrimp dumplings

Fried shrimp dumplings

For your information, my taste buds are sensitive to salt. I will know and despise when the food is way too salty. Most of chinese food are too salty for me. But not this one! Mr. Akong and his daughter seasoned the dumpling very lightly so the shrimp still shines.

The other condiments to the noodles are half of boiled egg, shredded chicken, scallions, cakwe, fish meatball and fried red onions. Every little item is prepared carefully. The boiled egg cooked perfectly with only slightly grey ring around the yolk.

The Top Toppings

The Top Toppings

The sambal and pickled chillies make this dish a bowl of heaven with rainbow, angles and everything. I’m flying and speechless. Suddenly my eyes filled with tears of joy.

A bowl of heaven

A bowl of heaven

This is my ultimate chicken noodles of all time. After this, I just can’t take any mediocre ones.

Whenever you got a chance to visit Medan at North Sumatera, Indonesia you should ask the local about this. Remember the name: Mi Pangsing Acim/ Akong at Perniagaan street.


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