Pretty little liars ….

Konyaku flare
Frozen juice drops; gives new attitude in (synthetic) juice drinking

Frozen juice drops; gives new attitude in (synthetic) juice drinking

You could never found food  with sloppy presentation in Japan. Most of them are very neatly shaped, packed and arranged so beautifully that burning the flame of desire to buy and tried it. But, here’s the fact:

The more beautiful and complicated wrapping the food has, it most likely have the most unpleasant flavor. Either too sweet, too salty or too fragrantly and too ‘chemically’-taste.

Let me show you some of them.

The frozen juice drops are hitting Konbini hard during the summer. It was one of the few purchases at Kobini that ends well. Although the juice alone has that artificial taste, but if you enjoying it cold  and frozen, it almost unpalatable. The genius concept of this product is, the capability to provide multi flavor fruits in small amount. It has the right element of surprise. When my teeth biting the frozen ball, inside the hard shell- the granita juice are oozing out. Literally burst of flavor.

The snacks also infiltrate formal seminar, one of my colleague attend. To company their coffee (or tea) break, sweet treats are provided. They all are looking gorgeously colorful, even humorously cute. Unfortunately it didn’t taste great. At least not to our palate. The rainbow squares are Konyaku. It has firm jelly consistency with sweet flavor. The problem is not about the consistency. I like gelatinous food like tendons, cartilage, agar and jelly. It’s the bland sweet that bugs me the most. It felt cheap, synthetic (again) and annoying. No matter what color you have, its all taste the same. Cold flat bland chemically taste -squishy sweetened food.

Konyaku flare

Konyaku flare

The other cakes, although have different textures and shape, have similar flavor. Its the red been paste. The thin and round one has crunchy crepes sandwich with the paste in the middle. The puffy and square one is like dry sponge cake filled with the red bean paste. Usually, I like red beans. I’m addicted to red bean and shaved ice desserts from Palembang, Indonesia. But God, there are just too many sweet snacks with different names, shape, color and textures using same red bean paste.

Enough is enough. I feel violated, betrayed and cheated on. We do have certain expectation when we saw cute packaging, beautiful colors and creative arrangements. When the taste not meet the expectation, we are dealing with liars. Those cute snacks are just Pretty little liars.

sweet and tea

sweet and tea


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