Damn, I miss the spring and can’t meet the summer!

Last chance blossom

Have you ever have had a vacation in the middle of two season?

You must know what I’m talking about. Its the end of Spring, where all the flowers tired to bloom and already start to wrinkled hanging on a thread before fall to the ground. The temperature isn’t rising yet, so there are still coolness. But the rain and wind also accompany them.

Last tree with cherry blossom @Tsuruma Park

Last tree with cherry blossom @Tsuruma Park

Specially when your destination is Japan. A favorite place for all kind of storm; typhoon, cyclone, etc. Rain drops playing your mind everyday: “Maybe just quick sprinkle this morning”, “Oh it’ll rain heavily all day!”, “Probably there will be huge storm and earthquake tonight”. Those lines are something you don’t want to hear on your vacation week. Even though you are getting transportation and accommodation at the lowest fare you could imagine. Apparently, money speaks with mother nature about this.

Foggy day at Kanayama

Foggy day at Kanayama, I’m hiding at my Hotel

If you are looking for the regular touristy experience, June will be the wrong time to come to Japan. It’s all the above situation happen, adding extra mental burden and anxiety. But, if you are looking for holiday in  bargain, then this is the perfect time. Don’t forget to bring umbrella, raincoat and extra socks. Oh and a huge pile of good mood too. So you can still smile under your umbrella during heavy rain when you visit the theme parks.

Although June is supposed to be the early phase of Summer, but the holiday isn’t started yet for Japanese. If you like to dressed up in “holiday outfit” like me, then you’ll see the difference with everybody else in the subway. Yeah, they all still wearing suit and formal shoes. The women still keeping their bamboo woven bags in the closet. Stockings and leggings are applied with shorts or skirts. Mean while yours truly, only bring all summery outfit. Sheer and cool shirts, summer skirts, shorts (with no legging) and absolutely no jacket. You can imagine how I feel in the middle of extra breezy day.

Rainy afternoon by Sumida River

Rainy afternoon by Sumida River

That doesn’t mean you can’t having fun or enjoying the vacation. Because everybody else still working, you won’t get long line of queue in tourist destination. There are lower price everywhere, additional bargain on weekdays. Museums, theme parks, certain trains and busses, hotels, traditional markets, arts and crafts, everywhere. Street food to gourmet food, still at “before holiday” price. You can also see the hustle and bustle pre-summer excitement. Advertisement for summery products; from clothing line to beauty products, vitamins even teas. It’s all fun to watch.

Left over from last night storm under cleanse blue sky, the holiday must go on!

A pile of wrecked umbrellas, left over from last night’s storm under cleanse blue sky. But, the holiday must go on!

Although I won’t lie that I feel a bit sad when my holiday over, I have to come home when everybody else just about to start the cheerful summery holiday.

Last chance blossom

Last chance blossom, traces of Spring


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