Sahur: Early breakfast @ 4 AM


Yesterday we start having our breakfast incredibly early before dawn, it called Sahur. It will be our last meal until the sunset and we break our fast for the day. Most of Indonesian family prepared for fasting month one week ahead. I’m not talking about spiritual stuff, I’m talking about food.

Yes, most of home cook in Indonesia like to stock on dish that will last long and easy to serve by reheating them. Every one in the house hold want to maximize their praying activities to God this month. Going to the market every morning or buying groceries, prepared the produce than spend more time in kitchen to cook them seems an awful lot of time to waste. I’ll share about this phenomena on another post. Now, I want to share what I experienced.

This is our first Ramadhan living on our own space. Usually I still can count on my mother or my mother in law to prepare something on the table for Sahur. Yeah, I was a bit spoiled. Now, its all on me.

Well, we survived two Sahur and not being late (at least not because of me). Yesterday suddenly I have an urge to make a good fish broth. I remembered I still got frozen fresh fish head and bones left over after filleted. Usually I don’t like keeping raw meat or fish on my fridge. Since I bought the fish alive so its incredibly fresh, I marinated all of them (in separate small plastic clips) with a lot of ginger and garlic then straight to the freezer, I feel comfortable. I don’t have any plan what to make with it when I bought the fish. I just know that I want to eat fish.

I’m sorting out my fridge seeking ideas to combine with the fish head and bones, to create tasty broth. And then I must decide what to be served with the broth. Here what I came up to:


Kepala dan duri Gurame untuk kaldu



Kaldu Gurame: gurihnya segar dan alami

Bakso ikan, buncis dan timun jepang

Fish ball, green beans and kiyuri in fish broth soup

Fish ball, green beans and kiyuri in fish broth soup


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