Do you need diet friendly but tasty snack? My Spicy Baked Spring Rolls

Spicy baked spring roll, No dipping sauce needed

Spicy baked spring roll, No dipping sauce needed

Baked spring roll, no extra oil from deep frying

Baked spring roll, no extra oil from deep frying

I was cleaning my refrigerator and found left overs of pickled octopus I brought from Japan months ago and last night baked calamari. A little bit surprised and felt guilty, since I insist on buying the octopus and happy with them as I posted then here.

I have to make something tasty out of it. I can’t let any food wasted without trying to save it or add more values to it. So, I search for inspiration from the rest of my fridge and I felt a light bulb went on in my head.

I rinsed the pickled octopus, to reduce the acidity and pungent smell then chopped it finely. I took my calamari with the rest of baked garlic and ginger then chopped all of them finely too. Now, I got tinny calamari and octopus bits.

I cut half of plain white cabbage from refrigerator and sliced them into thin narrow stripes. I was thinking about adding extra spiciness to compliment the natural acidity and fishiness of both seafood. I had ready to use Sambal Terasi (fish paste based Sambal), that add saltiness besides spiciness.

As my favorite teve chef Jamie Olliver said, taste it! taste it! and taste it!. A couple pinches of sugar, balance everything and the mix was ready to go. I got left over spring roll pastry and then used it to wrap the mix into neat packages. Well, some of them weren’t that neatly wrapped, since I had to put the mix as much as I can into one sheet of pastry, so everything will be ready to bake.

Light brush of last drops of olive oil, continued with margarine to my cookie sheet and the spring rolls. I put them in the oven and left it to do other chores.

When I smell something delicious, that remind me of  grilled fish or grilled calamari, I turn the oven off and let everything still inside the oven. When it’s the time for lunch, I took my spring rolls out and taste them.

To be honest I didn’t think it will taste than great. Fortunately It was delicious. I ate three of them straight away. The pastry become so crunchy without the greasy after taste.

I don’t even need any dipping sauce. It salty, It sour, crunchy and slightly sweet. I love it! It only veggie and protein! Okay some carb too, but It still healthier than deep fry spring rolls.

My lesson from today is:

Baked spring roll with any left over vegetable from the fridge will be my to go food when I crave for crunchy salty snacks.


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