The most annoying comments for worlds class chefs (CNNGo’s report on World Gourmet Festival at Bangkok)


As cited from “How to annoy a world class chef”

Still in the same vibe with my previous post about food retard, a professional cook or chefs must be placed in the same category as painter or sculpture. They really are artists.

Well, being a world class artist come with many consequences. One of the bittersweet things are comments, remarks or questions from people who enjoyed their art. For chefs, they are the people who come to their restaurants.

feeling so annoyed behind that poker face

feeling so annoyed behind that poker face

We might think that world class chefs will be annoyed with shallow comments or questions from know it all person. Apparently, they have touchy and quite sensitive feelings about their arts. Here are some examples of what they feel most annoyed line from people, some of it quite surprising for me.

Chef Igor Macchia, La Credenza, Piedmont, Italy

 Your wife will be a really lucky lady

This is one of the most common comment pops in my head when I see a woman married a great chef. Evidently, most chef do not like to cook at home, hence Chef Macchia felt annoyed when he heard this sort of compliment.

Jeannie Cho Lee, Master of Wine

What is your favorite wine?

Just like when we met a bartender or barrista, we usually ask them what’s your favorite cocktail or coffee recipe. I never suspect this question will create uncomfortable atmosphere during conversation. But Ms Cho Lee bluntly explain that she gets annoyed with this question. She compares the situation with Picasso asked to choose his favorite color.

Chef Shiqin Chen, La Rei, Il Boscareto, Piedmont, Italy

Ask them what their favorite dish is

Chef Chen shares the same shades of outrage with Ms Cho Lee about favorite things. Maybe he might compare this with parents asked to choose their favorite children, to cut the question later.

Chef Victor Quintillà Imbernón, Lluerna, Barcelona, Spain

That the food was made without love

Hmm, no need to be genius to understand this impolite comments.

Chef Galvin Lim, Les Amis, Singapore

Chefs who are skinny can’t cook well

At first, I find this comment quite funny and unrealistic. But then I remember, in Asian culture like Indonesian, there were shared understanding about the relation of waistline and ability to cook. When I remember the great cook in my family or my husband family, most of them do have fuller figure. With the trend of cooking and eating health  spread around the world, this phenomena begin to dissolve. We, or I personally, prefer leaner figure chefs or any expert. Because that means he or she can take care of them self better and function at best with leaner (with assumption healthier condition) body.

So, next time you meet a chef or cook or anyone in culinary business remember these most annoyed line to prevent awkward moments with them.

Ooops, wrong question! Awkward....

Ooops, wrong question! Awkward….

For the complete article visit cnngo here


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