Shabby chic ambiance in local hue


Wak Nur’s Coffee House

I went to Roemah Kopi Wak Nur (roemah = house, but it’s more like a cafe) at Uskup Agung street, Medan, North Sumatera a few months ago.

The coffee quite okay, nothing special for my preference, so did the food. They do have  house brand coffee, The Wak Nur’s brand that got good reviews from coffee enthusiast. But the waitress didn’t share any information about it to us, never promote or gave suggestions of the house specialities. I learn about it when I wandered around the cafe and browsing from the internet.

It’s the ambiance that remind me of it, unfortunately, not the menus. I like it a lot. Like Melayu meet Western or Baju Kurung paired with Cowboy boots or when Siti Nurbaya hooked up with John Wayne to decor this place.


Tables and chairs from worn woods met checker-boards floor toned down with pastel earth tones


Love that old window, oddly, it didn’t seem out of place and function like art works


The house brand


My drink; I think it was Iced Cappuccinno


Otak-otak, light finger foods from fish paste grilled in banana leaf. It didn’t go very well with my coffee.


Mira & Kiky, my cheeky cousin in law that brought me there

For more information about cafes and coffee shops/ house; Kopibrik is one of the better reference.


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