Welcoming Ramadhan, another The Buchari’s Gathering


This time, the Bucharis held meet and greet at the youngest; our beloved Aunt Upah.
The location maybe different, but the taste and dominant color in dining table stay the same: Red.
We love our balado! (Spiced Chilli paste)


Shrimp Balado


Tambuso (Veal’s intestine stuffed with whipped tofu and eggs) in coconut milk broth


Rendang Jengkol (Dogfruit), bigger size than stinky bean but has similar left after smell


Crispy beef Balado


We called it Springbed-Ommelete (Deep fried heavily-whipped egg and sambal)


Young generations of Buchari: Amy, he’s a newly wed dentist and the family’s religious leader


Young generations of Buchari: Andra, neurosurgeon from dokterandra.com and balado aficionado, he said Ramadhan is about positive thinking and be with the family


Young generations of Buchari: Iqbal, the eldest and one of beurocrate in the family


Martabak, much beloved salty snacks while waiting the meal cooked


Lepat Sogan, heavy snacks made from sticky rice, fresh coconut shreds, banana and a little bit palm sugar. Savory and sweet filling treat.


Tribute to No Reservation (part two)


As my husband said about the 1st part of this article, “He seemed nice, so what?”, I was shocked!

I might revealed my self like one of those bubbly groupies to Anthony Bourdain. Like I would adore him so much just from the way he look. No no no, that’s not the object of this tribute series.I want to make like a remembrance wall for the beloved show that never failed making me smile appreciative and nodded enthusiastically of anything Tony had said. Dear readers, please enjoy my second attempt making another Tribute to No Reservation.

For the purpose of highlighting No Reservation show and not the other ones Anthony Bourdain made or is making, I will use his own words to guide us along this bitter sweet path of memory lane. I quote pieces from Anthony Bourdain’s own writing at Travel Channel Blog “Blutarski: Zero point Zero” .

I present to you (again), the greatly imperfect yet the best food and travel show in the world: No Reservation.

It wasn’t a love at first sight for me ,with this show.

I was exposed to it very late on its tract. It was at the 4th season of the show,  I saw Mr. Bourdain and his wit for the first time. I was taken by surprise with how many f*** words he used on the teve show. A little bit annoyed, yet intrigued with this lanky dude who seemed very…. not nice, in a masculine way. So it was a positive Not-Nice character that made me look for the show’s schedule on TLC. While at that time, I still drawn into -happy go lucky bright and sunny- food shows like Jamie Oliver‘s and Nigella Lawson‘s or -smile into the rainbow- travel show like Samantha Brown‘s.

As a natural pessimistic and born with lack of trust in humanity, I fell for the show immediately. It as mouthwatering as the others, not so many smiley faces, but the ones there, were genuine or at least as a sign of respect. With extra punch of -spiky sometimes pungent and creamy, yet always intoxicatingly addictive and seductive- lines and lines and lines of words in narration.

This show, has the intensity of slightly overripe premium quality Durian for me. Not Thailand’s Monthong Durian kind, with famously obese flesh, sweet but has less essence of true Durian flavor. Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation was and still is, like a wildly grown Durian found in the deep forest of North Sumatera, Indonesia. It has leaner flesh than Monthong, but boy o boy … it sure could knocked you down from mouth-gasmic sensation.

No Reservation gave me a brain-gasmic sensation simply by listening Tony’s narrating with his bold, harsh, never shy, sometimes funny, seemed arrogant but truthfully humble, poetic even romantic choice of words. All of that means, I’m head over heel in love with the show, incase you didn’t catch my point.

But as any man made effort, it will ever be, anything but perfect. So does this show.

As a fan and hypnotized follower of Bourdainsm, I did see the ups and downs between 140 episodes. Although what I thought downs, not necessarily the bad episodes for anyone else, including Tony him self. Next are several shoots he thinks as less satisfying episodes, let’s see if I feel the same.

“The weak SOUTH PACIFIC and MARQUESAS show was the result of pure bad luck. One scene after another went by without anything useful or compelling recorded. One day after another passed with each intended scene turning out to be something other than what we’d hoped. Two full days where nothing worked.  That we were able to cobble together shows at all in cases like these was always a triumph of great camera work and great editing (technique) over content. Sometimes it was a close run thing.” -Anthony Bourdain

You should watch the full episodes, but I agree that this one did not made it to my ‘Ups’ basket. For me, its more to my personal preference of the background setting’s ambiance. I never liked beach or beachy areas more than mountains. Besides that, Tony’s enchanting narration lack of lustful passion or even vengeance. He sounded just polite and normal.

“Responsibility for some failures rested entirely on me. They sucked because I sucked. BERLIN should have been a good show: great producer, great shooters, great fixers, great city. But for no good reason at all, I just wasn’t “into it.” And the show reflected my unhappiness and my unwillingness at the time to even try.” -Anthony Bourdain

“..Lars honestly believe this is a soothing environment. And I.. I guess it is if your idea of soothing is nipple clamps, enemas and assless chaps…” 

His expression towards the kinky museum hotel at Berlin. That’s one line only, put this episode on my Ups basket. When you watch the full episode, listen carefully when he describe his plates of food, you’ll understand what I mean.

Here are some of my favorite ones;

“Schnitzel purist view pork, chicken or turkey schnitzel, the way I view soybean hot dog. That is, with barely conceive contempt.” 

(Head cheeses at Rogacki) It’s a wonderland of pork.” 

“All the petty aggravations of the world fall away in the presence of a perfectly cooked pig shank, or as they say in german — eisbein…. it’s a cheap, preserved piece of meat — tough like a rock….And yet this is the most magnificent thing ever …. Goulash, meaning it’s the less tender cuts of meat….Cabbage — is there a cheaper vegetable in this world?….Potatoes. I mean, this is a panorama of struggle, pain, deprivation, and skill of transforming simple good things into something great.”  

He really could create a seductive paragraph on site, over a humongous pile of peasant food! I could never get over his wordly-charm.

“Some disastrous shoots, through the sheer weight of misadventure turned out, like SICILY, to be good shows. Though not in the way we intended.  The scenes that were supposed to be “great” ended badly—but the ones for which we had low expectations (the caper farmers in Pantelleria) became magically real, spontaneous and fun.” -Anthony Bourdain

This is another episodes that goes straightaway to my Ups basket just by seeing a couple frame of shot when Tony lying down helplessly on Lost and found baggage claim at the Palermo airport and the way he gave us the “what the f***?” blink along with his polite smirk when meeting the President of regional Sicily.

Guys, this was one of those moment when I got goosebumps by seeing a food show. The back sound might influence my mood a little. Reminded me of old mafia movie that my parents used to rent back on VHR days, that I wasn’t allowed to see but a little peek here and there. My brain was quite distracted digesting all the stunning setting, gorgeous character of people featuring on this episode, making me very difficult to pick Tony’s lyrics. But, here’s one with his usual dramatic and gloomy ambiance lurking around the words and the voice.

“Palermo, Sicily. A narrow crumbling street. Cut to a large covered basket. Steam carries the vague sour smell of mystery meat. A heavy man looms silently, revealing nothing. Suddenly, he reaches inside, slaps a steaming mound of flesh onto your palm, and you’re instructed to swallow it instantly, leaving not a trace. Would you do it?”

He talked about Frittola vendor. C’mon, didn’t that description stimulate your mind to find out more? Or hungry.

“ICELAND was certainly improved rather than hurt by running into a blinding blizzard—and a general overlay of depression and darkness.” -Anthony Bourdain

Oh yeah, this one is pretty horribly confusing. If you watch the whole show, you still got a few smile and laugh from Tony’s misery and cranky mood. But this definitely on the Downs basket.

“Maybe the best single example of this was the ROMANIA show, where absolutely everything was ****ed up beyond all hope or recognition: wrong fixer (the inexplicably addled Zamir), unfriendly populace,  officials looking for backhanders,  and guides with other agendas who did their best (in the hope of portraying their country in a desirable light) to ensure that absolutely every genuine moment was quickly  smothered under a thick scrim of artificiality, falsehood and staginess.  It was a nightmare to shoot. An utter failure on all our parts—and yet it became a timeless classic of Travel Gone Wrong—unintentionally hilarious. It may have made all of us Public Enemies in Romania (and the subject of scandal and speculation in their national press)—and it may have been terribly unfair to the country and to the many Romanian expats who tuned in, looking to see something beautiful of their beloved homeland…” -Anthony Bourdain

When Tony’s face didn’t lit up seeing a whole roasted pig, like that, then something was terribly wrong happened

On this episode featured Zamir, Tony’s fixer turn best friend. I gotta admit, a few things I remember about this one are; too many awkward moments related to culture shock or food, rather missed the point bitter humor and loads of alcohol consumption. I got very little, almost none of brain-gasm from it. Downs basket it is.

“But, of course, there were bright spots too. Shows of which I will always be proud.  Favorites, both personal and professional where everything (or most things) came together. HONG KONG, particularly the scene where a third generation noodle maker practices his craft, rocking painfully and disfiguringly on his bamboo pole under the faded photos of his parents encompassed everything I believe to be good and true about people  who choose to make food the very best they can.  It was a beautifully shot and edited sequence– one of our very best. If our show is principally in the business of celebrating cooks—wherever they may cook—and in whatever circumstances—then this was as good an example of our work as we could ask for.” -Anthony Bourdain

Ooh I remember this episode very well, including the Kung Fu style fast hand making dumplings, underground gourmet dinner and generations of soy sauce making family. This one, not only goes to my Ups basket, will guaranteed to make your mouth watering profusely and your stomach growl in envy seeing all the succulently pornographic foods on your screen. How about Tony’s prose? Well, let me show you my favorite.

“Imagine living inside a giant the pinball machine, where the object is not to win, but to eat. Propelled at high speed through space, bounce unpredictably, between flashing lights, through narrow passages ways of seemingly never ending sequence of dark spaces …”

Like a lullaby, his palatable sentences flows on and on and on, rocking you into a deliciously dramatic world of Bourdainsm. You could see it through the sparks in his eyes, that he really was enjoyed him self and truly amazed about the noodle pulling skill.

“I’m happy with all our VIET NAM shows—probably because I’m always so ludicrously happy to be there.  I could just watch the B-roll from those shows all day.  Everybody who works on the show seems to feel the same way.  It’s a good place to work, a good place to eat. A good place to be”. -Anthony Bourdain

Watching No Reservation in Vietnam the first time until the last time was like seeing a kid on amusement park. The phos, the bahn mi, the pork, the mystery meat dishes, the seafood, rice fields, spicy-salty-sour goodness that really speaks to him. All of it go to my Ups basket.

One show that I quite embarrassed, and plunged deeply into my Downs basket, when Tony went to Indonesia.

I don’t know why he didn’t get all the good stuff, the rustic but classic Indonesian food.

If you still remember when Tony wandered around alone in Jakarta’s narrow alleys, eating Nasi Uduk for breakfast-NOT the well known for the taste ones, but more like -to prevent starving ones. It still vividly replayed in my mind when I yell, Why?…. Oh Why…no body took him to the rather decent breakfast vendors? Even the street vendors or hawker style vendors, there are numerous of them that we could show the world, proudly. Nasi Uduk to Bubur Ayam, Nasi Goreng to Bubur Kacang Hijau, Old school bread to fritters.

And then, he bought a bowl of sweet icy dessert from street cart that not known for his hygiene. I’m not being snobbish here, I like those stuff. I ate from hawkers all the time. But I have the stomach for it. Although Tony had travelled around the world, I don’t want him to remember Jakarta as one of the city that made him sick! Another series of yelling and pulling my hair out of frustration happened then. Jakarta has Es Teler 77 and Es Cendol Pondol for example, if he want air conditioned setting. If not, there are lots of places even street food merchant selling Es Cincau, Es Campur, Es Cendol Padang, Es Blewah, Sop Buah, etc with better hygiene and TASTE.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Garut scene, well I didn’t know the agenda, but why the hell did somebody bring No Reservation show to a private resort like that? Anthony Bourdain should be allowed to dip his leg to a real culture, stuff that happened everyday for normal people. Not to be isolated to some expensive -faux heritage place. They gave him a room in one of faux-hut that only can be accessed with small wooden boat. Then they delivered a Serabi for him in the same way. What the f*** was that? West Javanese didn’t have floating village culture! That’s not how the REAL Sundanese live their lives! Oh man, I was-and still really angry with that.

There are more of bits and pieces I cursed about that episode, but that’s enough. I don’t want this second part to end bitterly. So, I borrowed another his paragraph that stamped all over with sweetness, love and smile. It’s when he visited his new in laws at Sardinia. Ups basket, for sure.

“SARDINIA was a risky show, because it was so personal, and I had a whole new Italian/Sardinian family looking over my shoulder—and more perilously—I had chosen to include my wife. I anticipated some angry blowback from fans. But my wife’s father’s family in the mountain towns of that incredibly beautiful island were the best “fixers” any one could have hoped for. The cinematography was incredible. And the editors, in spite of the fact that I was sitting in their laps for much of the cut and making their lives miserable, responded with a beautiful and heartfelt love letter to what is for most people an unfamiliar culture.  Warm and fuzzy and family friendly  was NOT what fans of the show had been led to expect of me. But I was grateful for the opportunity to be a Dad on camera.  It paid off in a good story and good show—and as an honest reflection of the facts.” -Anthony Bourdain

Tribute to No Reservation


For those who shared the same funky love for food must know about this show that had been around for 8 season. The last episode of the last season was aired on November 2012 in the US. I’ve watched it on the internet, I cried for it but it never hit me with the realization, yet. Since I live in Indonesia, we always get every teve shows late. So when I saw the Brooklyn episode at TLC Asia and its rerun several times, the facts finally come to my conscious. And I managed to restrain the ugly sobbing, but it cut a chunk of my heart and left dark hole. The will never be another No Reservation episodes. It’s the end of an era.

For you guys who not quite sure what I’m babbling about, I tried to sum up one of the platinum quality food show in the world in one paragraph. I must warn you, it won’t do justice for the show, but at least you will got the picture and I’ll give several links for you to explore more.

No Reservation was food and travel show hosted by Anthony Bourdain. The whole show carved around Bourdain’s bold personality. He was a chef with rebellious attitude that only grant him with a unique charm. He is my rock star, like (maybe) Bono for you music enthusiast. Bourdain is what you call a “No Fuss” man. He’s not cheesy, always (or almost always) straightforwardly honest with his audience, expressed great respect for other culture no matter how odd or unpleasantly that is for him and encourage his audience to show the same respect too. Although he used effing words on the show, but you could not missed that he is actually a sweet natured guy. For me, Anthony Bourdain is like Durian. He is The King between all the great food and travel shows’ host. He seemed spiky, harsh and rough on the outside. But if you look closely and get to know his words more, its all sweet-creamy-custardy respectable man on the inside. No Reservation is (I think, at least), an archives of a delicious slice of Anthony Bourdain’s personality. The funny thing is, he is a chef and he knew what’s what in terms of cooking technique and food tasting, but he managed to keep the show clean from all those shallow-mambo-jambo ‘what the food taste like?’ most of newbie and not so good hosts showed. His expression of great food only limited (with its variations) with “Hmm…!” “That, effing good man!” , “Wow, this is good!” ….etc. But somehow I got the insight of how great the food was from his rather poetic rocker style descriptions of the food, the person who made it and the culture and environment arround it.  And I love him so bad for his wordings.

Well, it became a long one paragraph that still not done justice for the show or the host. So, please educate ourselves from these several links:








Now, I present to you all the great, glamorous and delicious of No Reservation, NRJS style;

The Super-Anti-Hero

Anthony Bourdain; The Super-Anti-Hero of food journalism

He cooks, he drinks, he writes all with the same intensity and competency

If God made anything better, he kept it for himself.

Anthony Bourdain’s passionate love for Crab Fat

He’s not just a pretty face (or fingers)

Speaking of fingers, his technique eating with his fingers improved over the years. The way he looked so comfy and confident, make me adore him more

Tony and sandwich is another great to watch chemistry. Either at home or by the street of Vietnam when he sample Banh Mi

He showed his poetic almost romantic wordings during episodes exposed him to the vast dessert

Daytime drinking is a tradition here, as it is in any great city.

Anthony Bourdain’s envious expression in Sydney, Australia

He has soft spots for any forms of noodles in a bowl with outstanding broth and spicy sauces. From pho to laksa, porky to fish flavored broth, noodles to vermicelli. He just can’t stop slurping …

Looking radiant on one of his good shirt. He’s been seen with ‘Not so good ones’ too, but he didn’t seemed care. One more thing why I love him so much

I think you are my walking buddha sir!

Anthony Bourdain’s fond for the man preparing his midnight meal (burgers or variations of meal on a tube)

Meat on a tube form? Yeah, give me that!

He’s willing to try all sorts of anonymous meat (as long as its on a tube form) touched me to tears

He drinks and drinks and drinks a lot of alcohol over the years

One of his toned down serious side

At the rice field he contemplated how it could be so easy just to live at the Asian paradise (for him it were either Vietnam or Bali). And that ‘Not so good shirt’ I was talking about

Laid back at plastic chair and table cloth with a beer waiting for his fried fish to come

Got to add this pic one more time; the background wall is a very well resemblance of him self: ruggedly charming with rough edges, masculine, colorful, stand out and pleasant

Last words at the last episode of the final season of No Reservation; Thank you Tony!

On to the next destination


Starbucks’ monolog


I tried to capture moment every time I went to Starbucks. Although the fact is there were missed out cups during cloudy-moody day.
I genuinely believe that every cups gave me positive boost through each of its own unique ways. Instagram facilitated the need for accentuated each character.

After a while, the pictures piling up and I think I can narrate them into stories for you.

So, without further ado, I present to you … my first Starbucks’ monolog

My bitterness is hidden but never gone.

Drowned under the thick and condensed consciousness, falsely describing sweetened life

Inside my #mochafrappuccino : Afogato-ed double shot of espresso by #starbucksnomad

I owned the darkness and accept the bitter-sweet coldness from it.

But sometimes I envy they, whom absorbing the sunshine freely.

Outside my #mochafrappuccinno by #starbucksnomad

The realization was alarming.

I do still live in a bubble.

No matters how others knew me, even labelled me, they can’t touch my core.

I am, maybe will always be, lonely in the mind

Hello world! I got my baby again, #mochafrappuccinno #starbucksnomad and everything more colorfull now #norecipejuststory

These were all between unconsciousness moments.

When pores or holes started eating the thick conscious state.

From the inside.

Reversed gradation #starbucksnomad #mochafrappuccino #doubleshotespresso #jogjakarta #norecipejuststory

Step into others’ shoes, and experienced being somebody else for a change.

Composed attitude, velvety-sultry voice and extra sweetness added to every words.

Felt good even warming for a while.

The sickening and noxious after taste that  I can’t handle.

I should never lie to my self.

New fave couple for late night company: hot #milkgreentea and hot #applepie. #sweettooth #starbucksnomad #butcoffee #norecipejuststory

My patchy mind won’t stop.

It won’t let me rest.

The anxiety rising that I need more learning, more adventure.

The darkness start marbled it ways to define my flavor of life.

Marble like color gradation of my caramel #mochafrappuccino a #goodcompany for reading. #starbucksnomad #norecipejuststory

Fiery gut in the morning.

Woody scent remind me of mother earth.

Reminded me to be humble.

My anxiety reflects my arrogance.

Less fatty cells in soul would do me good for the long run.

Tall nonfat #cappuccinno extra #cinnamon makes my world colorful again. #starbucksnomad #norecipejuststory

Just when I thought I learned something.

When I’m sure that I could digest daily sweetness, finally.

My tongue bite me in the brain.

I can handle firmness and dense wall.

Hyper sweetness always felt artificial, pushes my paranoia button on.

Sumatran coffee eclairs, too dense and firm but right amount sweetness #starbucksnomad #jakarta #norecipejuststory #coffee

Not that hard straightens my mind back, actually.

Soft spoken guidance that preserved my independency,

Crumbly wisdom from an old residence of the earth,

All and everything with less candied response.
Sweet companion #snacks #starbucksnomad #afterdoubleshotespresso #norecipejuststory

Night time is the hardest part.

Time when the milky white world of extremist society.

And the deep dark corner of the human war.

Collide. The rim is blurred.

lullaby cappuccino bfore bed time #starbucksnomad #norecipejuststory

Step back for a moment always useful.

Let loose and feel the darkness hugged you into it.

Sometimes, when we are very very lucky.

Clarity will smacked you in the face.

As clear as crystal cubes of twice filtrated frozen water.
Clarity, never felt so strong. My monday night fuel. #icedcoffe #verona @starbucksindonesia #starbucksnomad #norecipejuststory

Red is my color.

At least that’s what mother believe destined for me.

While my preferences will differ from time to time.

Courageous come inconsistently.

Appreciation for holidays’ common sense are sacred.

Fortunately, family’s golden glow will save me when needed.
Better late than never! The luminescence #redcup #holiday special @starbucksindonesia #starbucksnomad #norecipejuststory #cappuccino

It’s time for award again and NRJS is nominated!


Hey guys, it’s the appreciation time again! Acknowledge blog or blogs that inspire us in different ways

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Very Inspiring Blogger Award Badge

It’s an honor for No Recipe Just Story to be nominated by other respectful blogger.

Please support NRJS and other inspiring blogs by following these rules:

1 Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
2 Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back.
3 Share 7 random things about yourself.
4 Select 15 blogs for the award.
5 Copy and paste the award on your blog somewhere.

I want show my gratitude to Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy for nominating my blog to this award.

Mama Miyuki, “the woman behind the gun” of this exciting food blog wants to share Indonesian food recipes in the most easy breezy way. She also spread her knowledge and experience to recipes from all over the world. The one that I appreciate the most from her is how she makes each recipe so simple to comprehend even for a recipe phobia like me. The Ingredients Index credit for better understanding for the recipes. Check out her blogs and discover the simplest way to prepare you yummiest meal.

I want you to get to know me better, so here’s 7 random things about me:

1. I have soft spot for cheap street food, specially that reminds me to my childhood days of hawkering.

2. Currently I’m crazy with this concoction:  my cold brewed Sidikalang mud coffee +  a lot of sweetened condensed milk with +  ice cubes.

3. I sweat profusely when following recipes while cooking in the kitchen, specially the one with multi steps.

4. I like taking pictures of food with my standard Canon EOS 550D or iPhone.

5. I hate when people didn’t turn off their flash light while taking picture of food in restaurants, so annoying.

6. I gained wight a lot since I started this blog.

7. I really want to start my own online store that sells unique, authentic and organic Indonesia’s delicacy.

My pick on very inspiring blogs are:

1. Epicurina

Bayu Amus, share similar vision with me, which is spreading Indonesian cuisine worldwide. Epicurina not only delivers authentic recipes, also some of the cultural values from the ingredients or the food. That makes me love this blog so much. Bayu’s ability to narrate and building ambiance through his writing is very addictive.

2. Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy

She embodied simplicity without breaking (or broke some of  :p ) the cooking rules to create awesome dish.

3. Majalah Arkeologi Indonesia

I know this blog is in bahasa, but I like cultural history. This blog posts some of the most interesting findings of Indonesia’s culture through archeological findings, including how our ancestors cooks and eats.

4. The Gastronomy Aficionado

This bilingual food blog offers food or restaurant reviews with strong journalism flavor and all the current news updates of the culinary world.

5.  A Cook Not Mad

This blog captured harmonious blend of foodie and photographer in a cup of partnership. They travel around the world revealing the culinary world and immortalized the experience through photos.

6. Blue Kitchen

Terry Boyd’s stories intrigued me more than his recipes. He has splash of romanticism, facts, culture, clear opinion and intelligent sense of humor displayed all around his posts. That’s all it takes to make me adore this blog.

7. Chubby Hubby

Being one of the early food blogger generation make this blog can “hit the mark” over and over again, in terms of delivering recipes, recipe reviews and all those beautiful pictures.

8. Cooking et Cetera

This is a food blog that not only offers recipes, Indonesian food recipes, but outstanding food photography. Claimed as a self learner in food photography, Dhita does has great taste in capturing food as an eatable art.

9. I eat I shoot I post

A very straight forward blog about Singapore’s hawker food. Leslie Tay received many media attention and awards for his blog.

10. Indonesia Eats

This is a memoir blog from a Javanese born food photographer that lives in Canada. Besides Indonesian recipes, the author also shares mediteranian and other asian food recipes. Pretty and neat pictures are the icing on the cake.

11. Just Bento

The dedication and never short in ideas from Makiko Itoh to share her love in bento.

12. Jungle-frog Cooking

A fresh looking blog from a former nurse turn food stylist and food photographer, Simone.

13. After double shot espresso

I just like the photos arranged into a chain of stories, without too much words within.

14. Selby’s Food Corner

I really respect how Selby’s effort in translating Indonesia’s food culture into much familiar International’s food and cuisine vocabulary.

15. Anak Jajan

A living journal documented the Jajan’s family’s adventure exploring food and beverages in Jakarta’s Mall and other places in Indonesia.

Let’s participate this appreciative atmosphere, share your inspiration sources with us.

I’m having affairs …



… with bunch of noodles with kicking broth on a bowl. Served hot or cold, I adore them all.

I can’t denied my asian blood, we do love our noodles in a bowl. Asian culture heritage created recipes that make them tasty and irresistible in most diverse ways of cooking.

Soba in fish stock and sweet tofu, my favorite so far

Soba in hot fish stock and sweet tofu. So simple, but my favorite so far.

Iconic Medan style noodle and (fried) dumplings (filled with shrimp)

Iconic Medan-style glazed noodle (in secret mix of thick sauce) and (fried shrimp) dumplings with very light broth

My mom's best's glass noodles and beef's marrow infused broth with meat balls

My mom’s best’s glass noodles and beef’s bone marrow infused broth with meat balls

Remember my spin on rendang? Its egg noodles with strong beefy broth and toasted coconut sprinkles

Remember my spin on rendang? Its egg noodles with strong beefy broth and toasted coconut sprinkles

Three days later, the strong beefy broth sucked into long macaroni pasta

Three days later, reusing the beefy broth to cook dried long macaroni. the “sauce” now within the pasta

A bowl of hot soba with vegetable fritters and mystery but delicious broth

A bowl of soba with vegetable fritters and mystery but delicious hot broth

glass noodles in fish stock and fish dumplings. we called this Tek Wan

Glass noodles in warm fish stock with ear mushroom and fish dumplings. We called this Tek Wan.

Vietnamese Beef Pho, with assorted rice noodles and clear broth

Vietnamese Beef Pho, with assorted rice noodles and clear broth

Another version of Medan style chicken noodles. The noodles were hidden under generous toppings (fried dumplings, hard boiled egg in soy sauce, meat balls, greens and the shredded chicken)

Another version of Medan style chicken noodles. The noodles were hidden under generous toppings (fried dumplings, hard boiled egg in soy sauce, meat balls, greens and the shredded chicken)


Soba served in cold soy and sesame sauce. A little bit off taste for me, at first. But when I added lime juice and pepper flakes, I had rainbow in my mouth.

Soba served in cold soy sauce with soft boiled egg; shrimp, green chilies and egg plant tempuras. A little bit off taste for me, at first. But when I added lime juice and pepper flakes, I had rainbow in my mouth.

Another bowl of beef pho. Take a look at that glorious fatty meat!

Another bowl of beef pho. Take a look at that glorious fatty meat!


Udon in clear hot broth and nori at Dotonbori alley, Osaka. Insanely simple but the taste was mind blowing.

Udon in clear hot broth and nori at Dotonbori alley, Osaka. Insanely simple but the taste was mind blowing.

Soba in hot beef stock

Soba in hot beef stock

I thought it would be disgusting; plain soba in hot broth and fried tempura batter sinked into the broth. I missed my train because I just had to have a second bowl!

I thought it would be disgusting; plain soba in hot broth and fried tempura batter sinked into the broth. I missed my train because I just had to have a second bowl!


Udon, served cold with shaved radish, spring onions and lime juice. I only add a touch of soy sauce, and ate it with egg plant tempura.

Udon, served cold with shaved radish, spring onions and lime juice. I only add a touch of soy sauce, and ate it with egg plant tempura.



Left-over delicacy, the sky is my limit


Since I was a little girl, my parents always tell me and my brother a story about DEWI SRI (or Sri the Goddess).

They said that I shall never throw away any left over rice. I must finnish every grain of rice in my plate, or else, Dewi Sri will zap her anger at me. My mom never really explained what kind of zapping Dewi Sri will do to me, and how much grain of rice being thrown away before she began to unleash the anger. I was just a 4 year old kid, I didn’t questioned it and just scraping the plate incase I miss a grain or two.

Why a goddess become angry to a child whom didn’t finish her meal, you might ask. Well, Dewi Sri is the Goddess for farming, specially rice farmers. So symbolized the fertile soil, luscious green paddy and good harvest. The legend said that she didn’t like when human take rice grains for granted. Hence the threatening story being told as part of typical parenting for most Javanese family.

Until my adult years, the mind set of never throw away rice become part of my life style. And the rule even spreading to any kind of food, all eatable stuff must never being thrown away for nothing. That’s why, when you come to my house and open my fridge, there are plastic clips and containers with left overs.

I always looking for inspiration how to use the left overs, so I can eat them and the others too. I don’t want to eat bad meal just because my left overs are over stocked. I usually force my self to cook anything new or buy take outs, until the left overs’ pile diminish.

I have a rocky road tract record with my left overs delicacy. Some of them were just unsalvageable and couldn’t do anything more to it. The other few were eatable in borderline between mediocre to strange yet familiar. My left over rice soup with eggs and anything available. Some times, I just plain ignorance and put left over steamed rice in an open bowl inside the refrigerator.

And I forget about it for almost a week. Then when I’m in the good mood to re organize my fridge and found a hard-sharp irregular object of a -once before- blob of fluffy rice. It was as hard as my plastic knife. I scratched my teflon pan with it several times before. I couldn’t make fried rice from it, oil just make it gets even harder.

So, I pretend the over saved left over rice were just dried pasta and treat them the same too. Then I making my self a hearty soup from them, very similar if me make noodle soup or macaroni soup. It tasted quite the same too. Well, at least my husband willing to eat them a spoonful or two. He is a big fan of chicken noodle soup.

On a fewer occasion I hit the mark and score some goals with the left overs. Remember my baked spring rolls? Yes, that was a left-over delicacy too. They were dynamite!

I’m sharing some of the better looking leftover delicacy I had made and photographed.

Oseng oseng pasta dan sayur

Dried fussily, left over wood ear mushroom, bean sprout, smoked beef and egg stir fry. Chili sambal as condiment.

Garlic-chili fried rice: behind the scene

Breakfast with Garlic-chili fried rice from the left over night before

When angry, I made this hellish fried rice with assorted chilies

When angry, I made this hellish fried rice with assorted chilies

Mayang style garlic-chili fried rice: Steamy, spicy, extra crunchy.

Successful make over, from cold plain last night rice to smoking hot (literally) fried rice

I have a bunch of faded coriander leaves; I used them to add extra umph on my batter for fried tempe

I have a bunch of faded coriander leaves; I used them to add extra umph on my batter for fried tempe

I had left over blanched broccoli and had enough with cold salad thing; so I made clear broth for a broccoli soup

I had left over blanched broccoli and had enough with cold salad thing; so I made clear broth for a broccoli soup

Left over Tape (fermented cassava) become cassava cake with raisin, no extra sugar needed

Left over Tape (fermented cassava) become cassava cake with raisin, no extra sugar needed

This was years ago, I found a half of gummy bears small package and decide to make jelly with it. It didn't taste very good, the bears released bitterness when hot jelly mixture drowned them.

This was years ago, I found a half of gummy bears small package and decide to make jelly with it. It didn’t taste very good, the bears released bitterness when hot jelly mixture drowned them.

This was also years ago, but I still making the same stuff todays. I use any root veggies and hard fruits scatter around the fridge, julienne them and make savory and spicy fritters.

This was also years ago, but I still making the same stuff todays. I use any root veggies and hard fruits scatter around the fridge, julienne them and make savory and spicy fritters.