Do you need diet friendly but tasty snack? My Spicy Baked Spring Rolls

Spicy baked spring roll, No dipping sauce needed

Spicy baked spring roll, No dipping sauce needed

Baked spring roll, no extra oil from deep frying

Baked spring roll, no extra oil from deep frying

I was cleaning my refrigerator and found left overs of pickled octopus I brought from Japan months ago and last night baked calamari. A little bit surprised and felt guilty, since I insist on buying the octopus and happy with them as I posted then here.

I have to make something tasty out of it. I can’t let any food wasted without trying to save it or add more values to it. So, I search for inspiration from the rest of my fridge and I felt a light bulb went on in my head.

I rinsed the pickled octopus, to reduce the acidity and pungent smell then chopped it finely. I took my calamari with the rest of baked garlic and ginger then chopped all of them finely too. Now, I got tinny calamari and octopus bits.

I cut half of plain white cabbage from refrigerator and sliced them into thin narrow stripes. I was thinking about adding extra spiciness to compliment the natural acidity and fishiness of both seafood. I had ready to use Sambal Terasi (fish paste based Sambal), that add saltiness besides spiciness.

As my favorite teve chef Jamie Olliver said, taste it! taste it! and taste it!. A couple pinches of sugar, balance everything and the mix was ready to go. I got left over spring roll pastry and then used it to wrap the mix into neat packages. Well, some of them weren’t that neatly wrapped, since I had to put the mix as much as I can into one sheet of pastry, so everything will be ready to bake.

Light brush of last drops of olive oil, continued with margarine to my cookie sheet and the spring rolls. I put them in the oven and left it to do other chores.

When I smell something delicious, that remind me of  grilled fish or grilled calamari, I turn the oven off and let everything still inside the oven. When it’s the time for lunch, I took my spring rolls out and taste them.

To be honest I didn’t think it will taste than great. Fortunately It was delicious. I ate three of them straight away. The pastry become so crunchy without the greasy after taste.

I don’t even need any dipping sauce. It salty, It sour, crunchy and slightly sweet. I love it! It only veggie and protein! Okay some carb too, but It still healthier than deep fry spring rolls.

My lesson from today is:

Baked spring roll with any left over vegetable from the fridge will be my to go food when I crave for crunchy salty snacks.


What would you do with over stocked coffee and tea?


I love to find and collect samples of coffee and tea from different regions of Indonesia. Specially the one made by home industry or small scale factory. Not the mass produced ones. Or just unique products that intrigued me.

That makes me a new kind of hoarder. I got multi jars containing coffees and teas. I don’t want to waste them, and my rate of consumption still can’t keep up with the expiration date. So, I’m thinking to use them into some other food.

One thing I’m known for is my habit for snacking. I love cookies. So, I’m thinking making my stock into cookies.

I tried to find indonesian traditional cookie recipe using coffee or tea and I can’t find them. Maybe I just didn’t search well enough or because our basic culture not very familiar with cookies type.

I looked for several coffee and tea cookies recipe, combine and modify them with my usual winged ability. And I came up with coffee cookie with espresso glaze, mocha cookies with dark chocolate, jasmine tea scented cookies with ground tea leaf glaze.

My next posts will be talking about  Sidikalang coffee, old school packed loose tea and Java chocolate that I used for these cookies.

My Jars of cookies

My Jars of cookies

Mocha cookies with dark chocolate bits

Mocha cookies with dark chocolate bits and Java dark chocolate powder

Very Deep Coffee cookies with espresso glaze. I'm using ground sidikalang coffee bean in the cookie dough.

Very Deep Coffee cookies with espresso glaze. I’m using ground sidikalang coffee bean in the cookie dough.

Jasmine tea scented cookies with ground tea leaf glaze

Jasmine tea scented cookies with ground tea leaf glaze

Guess what? This time I did it! (successful attempt deconstructing rendang flavor, my way)

Mi Kuah Sapi Poyah by Mayang

If you are regular to norecipejuststory blog, then you must know that I can’t follow recipe to cook (hence the blog’s name).

My style of cooking is to wing it. No measurements, just follow my intuition and my taste buds. Most of the time, I produce average meal that eatable and suitable for daily menu. When holiday or ceremonial day come, I’m getting nervous badly. I know, I don’t have the patience to cook a whole set of feast meal. So, I winged it and this was what I came up with.

Ied day or Lebaran in bahasa in my family and the in laws require special set of menu that become tradition every year.

My mum’s menu for Lebaran day were: Sayur Pepaya Muda Ebi (Shredded unripe papaya in spicy coconut milk soup with dried shrimp), Gulai Ayam (Chicken curry with Sundanese twist), Rendang (her version of Beef Rendang) and Sambal goreng hati – udang – petai  (Shrimp-beef liver- stinky bean stir fry in chili sauce).

While my mother in law’s menu were: Gulai itik lado mudo (Padangnese version of green duck curry: green color came from green chili paste), Tauco Udang (Shrimp and tofu in salty fermented liquid been sauce and chilies), Gulai Pepaya Muda (Julienned unripe papaya in coconut milk and turmeric soup), Rendang kering (her version of Beef Rendang).

You can click on each text to access one version of it recipe. Not our family’s recipe, just to give better description. Oh, some of the recipe in bahasa, so you can use Google translator if needed.

So, whats the common dish between two family? Yes Beef Rendang. Although my mother’s style very different than my mother in law’s, beef rendang still a crowd pleaser. That’s why, I racked my brain out to make something very simple yet with the flavor of rendang.

The final result is, I make something I called Mi Siram Sapi Poyah.

Its basically boiled noodle or any other type of long pasta ( I made mine fresh by the way), with very-very beefy broth (extra shredded beef were added in the broth); tomato, celery and lime salsa, fried tofu and spicy toasted coconut sprinkles (made from freshly shredded coconut). Also a creamy peanut based chili sambal for extra heat.

I know it may look too simple to mimic the complex beef rendang, but somehow it worked. The flavor and fragrant of rendang came from the spicy toasted coconut.

I’m adding rendang wet paste (i winged my mother recipe) and the powdered ones to a freshly shredded coconut, mix them well on a non stick pan without using oil. It takes quite some time until all the coconut absorb the paste and toasted, change color, dried out and became sprinkleable.

English: Rendang, beef cooked in spices and co...

English: Rendang, beef cooked in spices and coconut milk. 日本語: ルンダン(牛肉とスパイスをココナッツミルクで2時間煮込む) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my food critic is my husband. When he said my beefy noodle tasty and remind him with rendang, then he add more noodles to his bowl, I know I succeed this time. Ooh the sweet taste of victory…..

The unique fact is that the broth are so beefy and tasty, anyone who ate one portion keep adding more noodles to  the remains of the broth on the bottom of their bowl.

Deconstructed Rendang and Ketupat: Mi Kuah Sapi Poyah

Deconstructed Rendang and Ketupat: Mi Kuah Sapi Poyah

It tasted very beefy, light and fresh but also spicy and herby similar to rendang.

It so easy to make. I’m making this dish in my holiday menu.

Less successful attempt, remaking old school beverages: Kolak Pisang


Does your family has an old school beverages? One dish that we would make it exactly in the same way every time?

Well during Ramadhan, one typical beverages that every house hold will make at least ones on this month is Kolak.

Kolak is a coconut milk based beverages, sweetened with palm sugar as the “broth”. You can add steamed banana, boiled sweet potatoes, boiled cassavas even steamed corn.

I prefer eat it as a cold beverages, but it taste addictive served warm. The sweet and deep taste from palm sugar, married with creamy coconut milk will blow your taste buds away.

Well, I don’t quite like it. I mean, one cup is enough for a month.

Since I stumble into funny taste of ice cream, I’m thinking about making a deconstructed Kolak Pisang. My take on it was, turning the coconut milk into jelly, then caramelized the banana with palm sugar and add Coconut (or purple sticky rice) flavored ice cream.

It didn’t look too bad, isn’t it? But I miss the luscious and deep flavor from the regular Kolak. The banana became too dry after a while. Well, at least it still eatable.

Another day in cooking with no recipes, sometimes wing it takes a toll.


a deconstructed Kolak Pisang (jelly coconut milk, caramelized banana and purple sticky rice ice cream)


the ice cream saves the day. its creaminess, sourness cuts the flat flavor of the rest.

Es Tape Ketan dan Kelapa Muda

the heroes, a purple sticky rice flavored ice cream and young coconut ice cream.

Cooking while sleeping, use the leftovers


Although my spirit are high welcoming this year’s Ramadhan, me being my self, rolling back to my nature self. Only in two days!

Either I got up too early or too late, I just loosing power to cook something complicated. Besides, I had a huge pile of cold rice leftovers from the last 2 days my husband didn’t eat at home. I have to use that as soon as possible, or I’ll get headache seeing it in my fridge all the time.

Well the fool proof cooking while sleeping, or just feeling really really want to crawl back to my soft and smooth bed with warm fluffy blanket on cold room, are fried rice. My version of spicy and sweet fried rice. It’s a one pot wonder with just about everything I can find at my fridge. Either just eggs and rice, or chicken and anchovies, or bean sprout and eggs and mushroom. Anything is acceptable. So, this was how I did.

Garlic-chilli fried rice: behind the scene

Garlic-chili fried rice: behind the scene

Garlic-chili fried rice: Sahur day two (and three)

Garlic-chili fried rice: Sahur day two (and three)

Mayang style garlic-chili fried rice: Steamy, spicy, extra crunchy.

Another version of my fried rice: extra garlic, extra chili

Sahur: Early breakfast @ 4 AM


Yesterday we start having our breakfast incredibly early before dawn, it called Sahur. It will be our last meal until the sunset and we break our fast for the day. Most of Indonesian family prepared for fasting month one week ahead. I’m not talking about spiritual stuff, I’m talking about food.

Yes, most of home cook in Indonesia like to stock on dish that will last long and easy to serve by reheating them. Every one in the house hold want to maximize their praying activities to God this month. Going to the market every morning or buying groceries, prepared the produce than spend more time in kitchen to cook them seems an awful lot of time to waste. I’ll share about this phenomena on another post. Now, I want to share what I experienced.

This is our first Ramadhan living on our own space. Usually I still can count on my mother or my mother in law to prepare something on the table for Sahur. Yeah, I was a bit spoiled. Now, its all on me.

Well, we survived two Sahur and not being late (at least not because of me). Yesterday suddenly I have an urge to make a good fish broth. I remembered I still got frozen fresh fish head and bones left over after filleted. Usually I don’t like keeping raw meat or fish on my fridge. Since I bought the fish alive so its incredibly fresh, I marinated all of them (in separate small plastic clips) with a lot of ginger and garlic then straight to the freezer, I feel comfortable. I don’t have any plan what to make with it when I bought the fish. I just know that I want to eat fish.

I’m sorting out my fridge seeking ideas to combine with the fish head and bones, to create tasty broth. And then I must decide what to be served with the broth. Here what I came up to:


Kepala dan duri Gurame untuk kaldu



Kaldu Gurame: gurihnya segar dan alami

Bakso ikan, buncis dan timun jepang

Fish ball, green beans and kiyuri in fish broth soup

Fish ball, green beans and kiyuri in fish broth soup