Pagi Sore Masakan Padang (Rawa Mangun Muka, East Jakarta)

Padangnese food that costumed to general taste, friendly spiciness for newbie

Padangnese food that costumed to general taste, friendly spiciness for newbie

One of my favorite "Tunjang" (Beef tendon stewed in light coconut milk and spice)

One of my favorite “Tunjang” (Beef tendon stewed in light coconut milk and spice)

My husband's all time favorite "Ayam Goreng Padang" (Skinless and spiced free ranged chicken)

My husband’s all time favorite “Ayam Goreng Padang” (Skinless and spiced free ranged chicken)

My Mom's favorite "Balado Cumi" (Stir fry a whole squid in chili sauce)

My Mom’s favorite “Balado Cumi” (Stir fry a whole squid in chili sauce)

Ethnic dessert "Sarikaya" (frozen coconut milk custard with green coloring)

Ethnic dessert “Sarikaya” (frozen coconut milk custard with green coloring)

Even though this is a restaurant, with good furniture and air conditioner, the proper way to eat still using our hand directly. Don’t hesitate to put a huge pinch of rice and condiment into your wide opened mouth. It’s just how we do it, nothing about politeness. Although one must comply etiquette when you eat at Padangnese restaurant is You Touch, You Eat. This policy are needed because the meal comes in many small plates, like tapas. While everyone have their own individual plate with plain white rice as much as we want. Then every body took the condiments and or protein they want from the small plates. The plate are the small and shared ortion,

The spice and herb that they used are very mild. So this will be much more suitable for you as a newbie in the spicy food world, or Indonesian/ Malay food.


Guess what? This time I did it! (successful attempt deconstructing rendang flavor, my way)

Mi Kuah Sapi Poyah by Mayang

If you are regular to norecipejuststory blog, then you must know that I can’t follow recipe to cook (hence the blog’s name).

My style of cooking is to wing it. No measurements, just follow my intuition and my taste buds. Most of the time, I produce average meal that eatable and suitable for daily menu. When holiday or ceremonial day come, I’m getting nervous badly. I know, I don’t have the patience to cook a whole set of feast meal. So, I winged it and this was what I came up with.

Ied day or Lebaran in bahasa in my family and the in laws require special set of menu that become tradition every year.

My mum’s menu for Lebaran day were: Sayur Pepaya Muda Ebi (Shredded unripe papaya in spicy coconut milk soup with dried shrimp), Gulai Ayam (Chicken curry with Sundanese twist), Rendang (her version of Beef Rendang) and Sambal goreng hati – udang – petai  (Shrimp-beef liver- stinky bean stir fry in chili sauce).

While my mother in law’s menu were: Gulai itik lado mudo (Padangnese version of green duck curry: green color came from green chili paste), Tauco Udang (Shrimp and tofu in salty fermented liquid been sauce and chilies), Gulai Pepaya Muda (Julienned unripe papaya in coconut milk and turmeric soup), Rendang kering (her version of Beef Rendang).

You can click on each text to access one version of it recipe. Not our family’s recipe, just to give better description. Oh, some of the recipe in bahasa, so you can use Google translator if needed.

So, whats the common dish between two family? Yes Beef Rendang. Although my mother’s style very different than my mother in law’s, beef rendang still a crowd pleaser. That’s why, I racked my brain out to make something very simple yet with the flavor of rendang.

The final result is, I make something I called Mi Siram Sapi Poyah.

Its basically boiled noodle or any other type of long pasta ( I made mine fresh by the way), with very-very beefy broth (extra shredded beef were added in the broth); tomato, celery and lime salsa, fried tofu and spicy toasted coconut sprinkles (made from freshly shredded coconut). Also a creamy peanut based chili sambal for extra heat.

I know it may look too simple to mimic the complex beef rendang, but somehow it worked. The flavor and fragrant of rendang came from the spicy toasted coconut.

I’m adding rendang wet paste (i winged my mother recipe) and the powdered ones to a freshly shredded coconut, mix them well on a non stick pan without using oil. It takes quite some time until all the coconut absorb the paste and toasted, change color, dried out and became sprinkleable.

English: Rendang, beef cooked in spices and co...

English: Rendang, beef cooked in spices and coconut milk. 日本語: ルンダン(牛肉とスパイスをココナッツミルクで2時間煮込む) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my food critic is my husband. When he said my beefy noodle tasty and remind him with rendang, then he add more noodles to his bowl, I know I succeed this time. Ooh the sweet taste of victory…..

The unique fact is that the broth are so beefy and tasty, anyone who ate one portion keep adding more noodles to  the remains of the broth on the bottom of their bowl.

Deconstructed Rendang and Ketupat: Mi Kuah Sapi Poyah

Deconstructed Rendang and Ketupat: Mi Kuah Sapi Poyah

It tasted very beefy, light and fresh but also spicy and herby similar to rendang.

It so easy to make. I’m making this dish in my holiday menu.

Less successful attempt, remaking old school beverages: Kolak Pisang


Does your family has an old school beverages? One dish that we would make it exactly in the same way every time?

Well during Ramadhan, one typical beverages that every house hold will make at least ones on this month is Kolak.

Kolak is a coconut milk based beverages, sweetened with palm sugar as the “broth”. You can add steamed banana, boiled sweet potatoes, boiled cassavas even steamed corn.

I prefer eat it as a cold beverages, but it taste addictive served warm. The sweet and deep taste from palm sugar, married with creamy coconut milk will blow your taste buds away.

Well, I don’t quite like it. I mean, one cup is enough for a month.

Since I stumble into funny taste of ice cream, I’m thinking about making a deconstructed Kolak Pisang. My take on it was, turning the coconut milk into jelly, then caramelized the banana with palm sugar and add Coconut (or purple sticky rice) flavored ice cream.

It didn’t look too bad, isn’t it? But I miss the luscious and deep flavor from the regular Kolak. The banana became too dry after a while. Well, at least it still eatable.

Another day in cooking with no recipes, sometimes wing it takes a toll.


a deconstructed Kolak Pisang (jelly coconut milk, caramelized banana and purple sticky rice ice cream)


the ice cream saves the day. its creaminess, sourness cuts the flat flavor of the rest.

Es Tape Ketan dan Kelapa Muda

the heroes, a purple sticky rice flavored ice cream and young coconut ice cream.

My pick on Indonesian perfect summer treats



Never get bored with this fruit! Palm fruit or what we usually called “Siwalan” fruit. The flesh are similar with young coconut and each one of them is pocket of coconut water-like liquid. It’s gummy, chewy, jelly-like and refreshing. Best served after chilled in refrigerator.

Jambu air Cincalo

Rose apples are cute, with their pink pouty lips. This fruit is my childhood remedy for summer heat. My neighbor had the tree and the apples are all over the place. We called them “Jambu Cincalo”, usually eat them directly or with peanut based sambal.

Jus daun Pandan

Don’t worry, the green liquid is not contain biohazards. In fact, it’s the most organic juice as organic as it can be. It was a Pandanus leaf’s juice. My mom has a lot of Pandanus leaf’s  bushes. Often she picked a lot and make all sort of food and beverages out of it. It’s grassy, in the good way, and had lovely fragrant that’s were all natural. I used to drink this syrup with a bunch of ice cubes, so its frozen cold, under the mid day sun. Did you just salivating…?

Putu Mayang (polos dan bermahkota)

Yes, this cake also made with Pandan leaf juices. When I crave on cupcake, It’s seem too much If I looked for the usual one. To much cream, to heavy and just too sweet for hot summer day. Indonesian version of cupcake is called “Putu Ayu”. It’s very light, between sweet and savory. Specially when you bite the the fresh coconut shredded’s ‘crown’ , just Yummy.

What’s you favorite treat on summery day?

It’s gettin’ HOT in here ….

Straw-kiwi slushy, by product while cleaning my freezer

Indonesia only has two season, dry and wet/ rainy. But these days the dry season, which usually overlapped with summer time in four season countries, getting hotter every year. Specially when Ramadhan or fasting month for moslem come along. The hot and humid climate makes me crave for something cold and sweet. I’m taking the advantage before my fasting begins, indulge eating cold beverages under the sun.

Yesterday I made strawberry and kiwi slushy with a touch of organic honey from Nusa Tenggara Timur. Yes, I’m emptying the fridge and gave my self a treat.

Straw-kiwi slushy, by product while cleaning my freezer

Straw-kiwi slushy, by product while cleaning my freezer

Good quality and bargain strawberries some times difficult to find. So, when I found a discount price for good plumpy bright red strawberries I bought in bulk. My mom alway said, we can freeze them up to 2-3 months and still in good condition. This batch have been in the freeze since May 2012. When I open the package they were shrinked a little, but not ruined. I found two frozen kiwi as well and blitz them all together into slushy. Sluurrrp…….. brain freeze!!!!

Last night, I was sweating in the air conditioned room. All alone in the house, waiting for hubby to come home, I craved for another round of cold and sweet treat. Almost midnight, I went out and go the nearest 24 hour mini market and bought Diamond Ice cream.

I had imagine eating cold and sweet ice cream with Gambang bread ( a traditional yeast free bread, infused with cinnamon-brown sugar-sesame seeds). I can’t find any tricycled bread vendor, although they usually available until midnight cycling around my neighborhood. I bought almond chocolate and Kue Lapis instead.

I bought two flavor of Diamond ice cream: Coconut and Purple sticky rice. It reminded me of my childhood flavor. The sweet coconutty pink ice cream with chunks of young coconut flesh paired with the almond chocolate bread. The hint of sourness from purple sticky rice concoction with rice bits compliment the firm Kue Lapis Legit (also known as Spekoek or Thousand layer cake, which was basically a dense cake made by dozens of layer butter and spekoek dough).

The Chinese or Indo-chine decedent create this cake to celebrate Chinese New Year. 15-17 layers describe hope for more fortune and sweet life in the future. From other source, this cake were handed over by the Dutch during colonial era.

A Dutch/Indonesian butter cake, best-known for being served with coffee after the ever-popular Dutch/Indonesian rijsttaffel. A good Spekkoek will have at least 12 layers or more. The heat of the grill browns the top of each layer, giving the cut cake its neat horizontal striped look. Spekkoek will keep moist and fresh in a cake tin or in the fridge for a week, well wrapped in a greaseproof paper. It can also be frozen if wrapped in a layer of aluminium foil. Because of the richness of the cake, it tends to be served in very small pieces, usually thin slices.

Read more:


I can’t wait too long to make the prettiest picture or sliced my cake and bread thinly.  My ice cream were melting and I’m sweet deprived….

Ice cream sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches

After all that manic moments, when the sugar high over, what’s left were a big mess on my dining table.

Coconut and Purple Sticky Rice flavored ice cream by Diamond

Coconut and Purple Sticky Rice flavored ice cream by Diamond