Shabby chic ambiance in local hue


Wak Nur’s Coffee House

I went to Roemah Kopi Wak Nur (roemah = house, but it’s more like a cafe) at Uskup Agung street, Medan, North Sumatera a few months ago.

The coffee quite okay, nothing special for my preference, so did the food. They do have  house brand coffee, The Wak Nur’s brand that got good reviews from coffee enthusiast. But the waitress didn’t share any information about it to us, never promote or gave suggestions of the house specialities. I learn about it when I wandered around the cafe and browsing from the internet.

It’s the ambiance that remind me of it, unfortunately, not the menus. I like it a lot. Like Melayu meet Western or Baju Kurung paired with Cowboy boots or when Siti Nurbaya hooked up with John Wayne to decor this place.


Tables and chairs from worn woods met checker-boards floor toned down with pastel earth tones


Love that old window, oddly, it didn’t seem out of place and function like art works


The house brand


My drink; I think it was Iced Cappuccinno


Otak-otak, light finger foods from fish paste grilled in banana leaf. It didn’t go very well with my coffee.


Mira & Kiky, my cheeky cousin in law that brought me there

For more information about cafes and coffee shops/ house; Kopibrik is one of the better reference.

Starbucks’ monolog


I tried to capture moment every time I went to Starbucks. Although the fact is there were missed out cups during cloudy-moody day.
I genuinely believe that every cups gave me positive boost through each of its own unique ways. Instagram facilitated the need for accentuated each character.

After a while, the pictures piling up and I think I can narrate them into stories for you.

So, without further ado, I present to you … my first Starbucks’ monolog

My bitterness is hidden but never gone.

Drowned under the thick and condensed consciousness, falsely describing sweetened life

Inside my #mochafrappuccino : Afogato-ed double shot of espresso by #starbucksnomad

I owned the darkness and accept the bitter-sweet coldness from it.

But sometimes I envy they, whom absorbing the sunshine freely.

Outside my #mochafrappuccinno by #starbucksnomad

The realization was alarming.

I do still live in a bubble.

No matters how others knew me, even labelled me, they can’t touch my core.

I am, maybe will always be, lonely in the mind

Hello world! I got my baby again, #mochafrappuccinno #starbucksnomad and everything more colorfull now #norecipejuststory

These were all between unconsciousness moments.

When pores or holes started eating the thick conscious state.

From the inside.

Reversed gradation #starbucksnomad #mochafrappuccino #doubleshotespresso #jogjakarta #norecipejuststory

Step into others’ shoes, and experienced being somebody else for a change.

Composed attitude, velvety-sultry voice and extra sweetness added to every words.

Felt good even warming for a while.

The sickening and noxious after taste that  I can’t handle.

I should never lie to my self.

New fave couple for late night company: hot #milkgreentea and hot #applepie. #sweettooth #starbucksnomad #butcoffee #norecipejuststory

My patchy mind won’t stop.

It won’t let me rest.

The anxiety rising that I need more learning, more adventure.

The darkness start marbled it ways to define my flavor of life.

Marble like color gradation of my caramel #mochafrappuccino a #goodcompany for reading. #starbucksnomad #norecipejuststory

Fiery gut in the morning.

Woody scent remind me of mother earth.

Reminded me to be humble.

My anxiety reflects my arrogance.

Less fatty cells in soul would do me good for the long run.

Tall nonfat #cappuccinno extra #cinnamon makes my world colorful again. #starbucksnomad #norecipejuststory

Just when I thought I learned something.

When I’m sure that I could digest daily sweetness, finally.

My tongue bite me in the brain.

I can handle firmness and dense wall.

Hyper sweetness always felt artificial, pushes my paranoia button on.

Sumatran coffee eclairs, too dense and firm but right amount sweetness #starbucksnomad #jakarta #norecipejuststory #coffee

Not that hard straightens my mind back, actually.

Soft spoken guidance that preserved my independency,

Crumbly wisdom from an old residence of the earth,

All and everything with less candied response.
Sweet companion #snacks #starbucksnomad #afterdoubleshotespresso #norecipejuststory

Night time is the hardest part.

Time when the milky white world of extremist society.

And the deep dark corner of the human war.

Collide. The rim is blurred.

lullaby cappuccino bfore bed time #starbucksnomad #norecipejuststory

Step back for a moment always useful.

Let loose and feel the darkness hugged you into it.

Sometimes, when we are very very lucky.

Clarity will smacked you in the face.

As clear as crystal cubes of twice filtrated frozen water.
Clarity, never felt so strong. My monday night fuel. #icedcoffe #verona @starbucksindonesia #starbucksnomad #norecipejuststory

Red is my color.

At least that’s what mother believe destined for me.

While my preferences will differ from time to time.

Courageous come inconsistently.

Appreciation for holidays’ common sense are sacred.

Fortunately, family’s golden glow will save me when needed.
Better late than never! The luminescence #redcup #holiday special @starbucksindonesia #starbucksnomad #norecipejuststory #cappuccino

What would you do with over stocked coffee and tea?


I love to find and collect samples of coffee and tea from different regions of Indonesia. Specially the one made by home industry or small scale factory. Not the mass produced ones. Or just unique products that intrigued me.

That makes me a new kind of hoarder. I got multi jars containing coffees and teas. I don’t want to waste them, and my rate of consumption still can’t keep up with the expiration date. So, I’m thinking to use them into some other food.

One thing I’m known for is my habit for snacking. I love cookies. So, I’m thinking making my stock into cookies.

I tried to find indonesian traditional cookie recipe using coffee or tea and I can’t find them. Maybe I just didn’t search well enough or because our basic culture not very familiar with cookies type.

I looked for several coffee and tea cookies recipe, combine and modify them with my usual winged ability. And I came up with coffee cookie with espresso glaze, mocha cookies with dark chocolate, jasmine tea scented cookies with ground tea leaf glaze.

My next posts will be talking about  Sidikalang coffee, old school packed loose tea and Java chocolate that I used for these cookies.

My Jars of cookies

My Jars of cookies

Mocha cookies with dark chocolate bits

Mocha cookies with dark chocolate bits and Java dark chocolate powder

Very Deep Coffee cookies with espresso glaze. I'm using ground sidikalang coffee bean in the cookie dough.

Very Deep Coffee cookies with espresso glaze. I’m using ground sidikalang coffee bean in the cookie dough.

Jasmine tea scented cookies with ground tea leaf glaze

Jasmine tea scented cookies with ground tea leaf glaze

Meet Me at Starbucks


If you happens to be in a Starbucks at Jakarta and see me sitting alone focusing on my Mac and my headphone on, don’t hesitate to say hi.

We can share stories about your experience to winged recipes , foolish cooking attempts, kitchen nightmares or local produced groceries and so much more food related subjects. Maybe I can review your food related business, or you can inspire me for my articles or personal projects. Or we can spend giggling time for a moment before heading back to work.

I know, my soft spots for Starbucks may seem less Indonesian. Since most of my articles in this blog is to promote and share Indonesian food experience, you may wonder why.

The shallow explanation because Starbucks is easy. I can access their store easily, even 24 hours if I want to. One more thing is easy access of fast internet connection courtesy from their partner: Biznet in every Starbucks stores at Jakarta. All I need is one user ID and one password, I can access the connection at every Starbucks. No fuss.

If you want a little bit deeper explanation, here they are.

First, as huge and fast growing multi continent company, Starbucks stores always offer anything but generic services. With so many coffee shops or cafes popping around Jakarta, Starbucks still able to maintain a little bit uniqueness or even snobbishness in positive way.

Second, the company concern for the coffee farmer and conserve the origin of the coffee beans quite remarkable. Regardless the dynamic of coffee trading in the world, they have clear policy to do ethical trading and required their partner to grow coffee responsibly.

Third, when they say, ‘premium’ to describe the condiments it does taste damn good. Premium milk, premium freshly whipped cream, premium chocolate, premium syrups, etc.

Fourth, their original blend:  Starbucks® Espresso Roast uses combination of Indonesian and Latin American coffee beans since the 70’s.

They also sell other product from Indonesian coffee beans without diminishing the distinct Indonesian flare from the it:

Komodo Dragon Blend®

Komodo Dragon Blend®

Sumatra Coffee beans

Sumatra Coffee beans

Sulawesi Coffee Beans

Sulawesi Coffee Beans

Fifth, most of their barristas, security officers and other staff at any store in Jakarta are very friendly and helpful. They help me finding cable extension for my lap top, I can ask them to watch over my belongings while I’m away to the bathroom, etc.

Sixth, when they provide in store bath room they take care of it cautiously. Always clean, dry, never runs out tissues and odorless.

Seventh, I can ask for a glass of water as much as I can for free! Sometimes I don’t comfortable with the sticky feeling in my mouth after sipping any cold-creamy beverages. I need water to rinse it out, so I will enjoy the drinks at the next sips. While other cafes charge for a glass of clear water, Starbucks provide them free even with extra ice cubes.

My usual spots are Starbucks at Kelapa Gading or La Piazza or Skyline building at Thamrin. So when you see me, or listen for order: Grande Mocha Frappuccino without whipped cream and extra double shot espresso, don’t forget to say hi!

Knock on my table and say hi!

Knock on my table and say hi!