Tribute to No Reservation


For those who shared the same funky love for food must know about this show that had been around for 8 season. The last episode of the last season was aired on November 2012 in the US. I’ve watched it on the internet, I cried for it but it never hit me with the realization, yet. Since I live in Indonesia, we always get every teve shows late. So when I saw the Brooklyn episode at TLC Asia and its rerun several times, the facts finally come to my conscious. And I managed to restrain the ugly sobbing, but it cut a chunk of my heart and left dark hole. The will never be another No Reservation episodes. It’s the end of an era.

For you guys who not quite sure what I’m babbling about, I tried to sum up one of the platinum quality food show in the world in one paragraph. I must warn you, it won’t do justice for the show, but at least you will got the picture and I’ll give several links for you to explore more.

No Reservation was food and travel show hosted by Anthony Bourdain. The whole show carved around Bourdain’s bold personality. He was a chef with rebellious attitude that only grant him with a unique charm. He is my rock star, like (maybe) Bono for you music enthusiast. Bourdain is what you call a “No Fuss” man. He’s not cheesy, always (or almost always) straightforwardly honest with his audience, expressed great respect for other culture no matter how odd or unpleasantly that is for him and encourage his audience to show the same respect too. Although he used effing words on the show, but you could not missed that he is actually a sweet natured guy. For me, Anthony Bourdain is like Durian. He is The King between all the great food and travel shows’ host. He seemed spiky, harsh and rough on the outside. But if you look closely and get to know his words more, its all sweet-creamy-custardy respectable man on the inside. No Reservation is (I think, at least), an archives of a delicious slice of Anthony Bourdain’s personality. The funny thing is, he is a chef and he knew what’s what in terms of cooking technique and food tasting, but he managed to keep the show clean from all those shallow-mambo-jambo ‘what the food taste like?’ most of newbie and not so good hosts showed. His expression of great food only limited (with its variations) with “Hmm…!” “That, effing good man!” , “Wow, this is good!” ….etc. But somehow I got the insight of how great the food was from his rather poetic rocker style descriptions of the food, the person who made it and the culture and environment arround it.  And I love him so bad for his wordings.

Well, it became a long one paragraph that still not done justice for the show or the host. So, please educate ourselves from these several links:

Now, I present to you all the great, glamorous and delicious of No Reservation, NRJS style;

The Super-Anti-Hero

Anthony Bourdain; The Super-Anti-Hero of food journalism

He cooks, he drinks, he writes all with the same intensity and competency

If God made anything better, he kept it for himself.

Anthony Bourdain’s passionate love for Crab Fat

He’s not just a pretty face (or fingers)

Speaking of fingers, his technique eating with his fingers improved over the years. The way he looked so comfy and confident, make me adore him more

Tony and sandwich is another great to watch chemistry. Either at home or by the street of Vietnam when he sample Banh Mi

He showed his poetic almost romantic wordings during episodes exposed him to the vast dessert

Daytime drinking is a tradition here, as it is in any great city.

Anthony Bourdain’s envious expression in Sydney, Australia

He has soft spots for any forms of noodles in a bowl with outstanding broth and spicy sauces. From pho to laksa, porky to fish flavored broth, noodles to vermicelli. He just can’t stop slurping …

Looking radiant on one of his good shirt. He’s been seen with ‘Not so good ones’ too, but he didn’t seemed care. One more thing why I love him so much

I think you are my walking buddha sir!

Anthony Bourdain’s fond for the man preparing his midnight meal (burgers or variations of meal on a tube)

Meat on a tube form? Yeah, give me that!

He’s willing to try all sorts of anonymous meat (as long as its on a tube form) touched me to tears

He drinks and drinks and drinks a lot of alcohol over the years

One of his toned down serious side

At the rice field he contemplated how it could be so easy just to live at the Asian paradise (for him it were either Vietnam or Bali). And that ‘Not so good shirt’ I was talking about

Laid back at plastic chair and table cloth with a beer waiting for his fried fish to come

Got to add this pic one more time; the background wall is a very well resemblance of him self: ruggedly charming with rough edges, masculine, colorful, stand out and pleasant

Last words at the last episode of the final season of No Reservation; Thank you Tony!

On to the next destination



Red is our color


Today is moslem new year’s day. It kinda remind me of what our family had during the last holiday of Ied Al Adh.

Our family from my husband’s side (The Bucharis) got special groove that always create dynamic interactions and palate sensations on any meet and greet events.

A few weeks ago, moslems around the world celebrate Ied Al Adh holiday. One of the main idea was about being grateful, living modest and share something to the unfortunate ones. That “something” could be “some meat”, on Islam world known as Qurban.

A goat / mutton or A cow or A water buffalo mercifully slaughtered in the name of Allah, and we give away the meat to people in need.

Since my blog is all about food and culture, you must be waiting for all delicious pictures. Okay, here we go.

In the Buchari family, like any large family, we have what we call “the family cook”. She is usually an aunt or a grandma blessed with magical hands. She made the best version of family’s favorite menus, although the other aunts and mothers practically good at it too. She is the best, period.

"Dok Mami" is what we called her, the cook in the family (left) with my mother in law (right)

“Dok Mami” is what we called her, the cook in the family (left) with my mother in law (right)

The Bucharis in holidays; everybody was catching up with the current what a bouts while waiting for the next rounds of eating

The Bucharis in holidays; everybody was catching up with the current what a bouts while waiting for the next rounds of eating

The Bucharis in holiday; talkative and cheery

The Bucharis in holiday; talkative and cheery

There was always somebody lingering near the table where plates of food on display

There were always somebody lingered near the table where plates of food on display

Red is the prominent color in Bucharis dining table; we sure love our chilies in heritage recipes

Red is the prominent color in Bucharis dining table; we sure love our chilies in heritage recipes

"Dendeng (kering) Balado" is the speciality of Dok Mami's. She's the expert making delicate thin and crunchy squares of beef jerky.

“Dendeng (kering) Balado” is the speciality of Dok Mami’s. She’s the expert in making delicate thin and crunchy squares of beef jerky with red chilly sambal. It is our family’s favorite savory dish.

"Balado Ikan Bilis" dried anchovy-like fish in red chili sambal with stinky bean

“Balado Ikan Bilis” dried anchovy-like fish in red chili sambal with stinky bean

Thinly sliced and crispy potato chips seasoned with special mix of sambal

Thinly sliced and crispy potato chips seasoned with special mix of sambal. Salty, spicy and crunchy as side dish with plain white rice

Not that pretty looking beef rendang but equally delicious

Not that pretty looking beef rendang but equally delicious

Delicate strings of cucumber in simple syrups with ice cubes. A soothing dessert after all those spicy dish.

Delicate strings of cucumber in simple syrups with ice cubes. A soothing dessert after all those spicy dish.

Or for the daring ones, a sweetened and fermented purple sticky rice as dessert

Or for the daring ones, a sweetened and fermented purple sticky rice as dessert

It’s time for award again and NRJS is nominated!


Hey guys, it’s the appreciation time again! Acknowledge blog or blogs that inspire us in different ways

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Very Inspiring Blogger Award Badge

It’s an honor for No Recipe Just Story to be nominated by other respectful blogger.

Please support NRJS and other inspiring blogs by following these rules:

1 Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
2 Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back.
3 Share 7 random things about yourself.
4 Select 15 blogs for the award.
5 Copy and paste the award on your blog somewhere.

I want show my gratitude to Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy for nominating my blog to this award.

Mama Miyuki, “the woman behind the gun” of this exciting food blog wants to share Indonesian food recipes in the most easy breezy way. She also spread her knowledge and experience to recipes from all over the world. The one that I appreciate the most from her is how she makes each recipe so simple to comprehend even for a recipe phobia like me. The Ingredients Index credit for better understanding for the recipes. Check out her blogs and discover the simplest way to prepare you yummiest meal.

I want you to get to know me better, so here’s 7 random things about me:

1. I have soft spot for cheap street food, specially that reminds me to my childhood days of hawkering.

2. Currently I’m crazy with this concoction:  my cold brewed Sidikalang mud coffee +  a lot of sweetened condensed milk with +  ice cubes.

3. I sweat profusely when following recipes while cooking in the kitchen, specially the one with multi steps.

4. I like taking pictures of food with my standard Canon EOS 550D or iPhone.

5. I hate when people didn’t turn off their flash light while taking picture of food in restaurants, so annoying.

6. I gained wight a lot since I started this blog.

7. I really want to start my own online store that sells unique, authentic and organic Indonesia’s delicacy.

My pick on very inspiring blogs are:

1. Epicurina

Bayu Amus, share similar vision with me, which is spreading Indonesian cuisine worldwide. Epicurina not only delivers authentic recipes, also some of the cultural values from the ingredients or the food. That makes me love this blog so much. Bayu’s ability to narrate and building ambiance through his writing is very addictive.

2. Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy

She embodied simplicity without breaking (or broke some of  :p ) the cooking rules to create awesome dish.

3. Majalah Arkeologi Indonesia

I know this blog is in bahasa, but I like cultural history. This blog posts some of the most interesting findings of Indonesia’s culture through archeological findings, including how our ancestors cooks and eats.

4. The Gastronomy Aficionado

This bilingual food blog offers food or restaurant reviews with strong journalism flavor and all the current news updates of the culinary world.

5.  A Cook Not Mad

This blog captured harmonious blend of foodie and photographer in a cup of partnership. They travel around the world revealing the culinary world and immortalized the experience through photos.

6. Blue Kitchen

Terry Boyd’s stories intrigued me more than his recipes. He has splash of romanticism, facts, culture, clear opinion and intelligent sense of humor displayed all around his posts. That’s all it takes to make me adore this blog.

7. Chubby Hubby

Being one of the early food blogger generation make this blog can “hit the mark” over and over again, in terms of delivering recipes, recipe reviews and all those beautiful pictures.

8. Cooking et Cetera

This is a food blog that not only offers recipes, Indonesian food recipes, but outstanding food photography. Claimed as a self learner in food photography, Dhita does has great taste in capturing food as an eatable art.

9. I eat I shoot I post

A very straight forward blog about Singapore’s hawker food. Leslie Tay received many media attention and awards for his blog.

10. Indonesia Eats

This is a memoir blog from a Javanese born food photographer that lives in Canada. Besides Indonesian recipes, the author also shares mediteranian and other asian food recipes. Pretty and neat pictures are the icing on the cake.

11. Just Bento

The dedication and never short in ideas from Makiko Itoh to share her love in bento.

12. Jungle-frog Cooking

A fresh looking blog from a former nurse turn food stylist and food photographer, Simone.

13. After double shot espresso

I just like the photos arranged into a chain of stories, without too much words within.

14. Selby’s Food Corner

I really respect how Selby’s effort in translating Indonesia’s food culture into much familiar International’s food and cuisine vocabulary.

15. Anak Jajan

A living journal documented the Jajan’s family’s adventure exploring food and beverages in Jakarta’s Mall and other places in Indonesia.

Let’s participate this appreciative atmosphere, share your inspiration sources with us.

The most annoying comments for worlds class chefs (CNNGo’s report on World Gourmet Festival at Bangkok)


As cited from “How to annoy a world class chef”

Still in the same vibe with my previous post about food retard, a professional cook or chefs must be placed in the same category as painter or sculpture. They really are artists.

Well, being a world class artist come with many consequences. One of the bittersweet things are comments, remarks or questions from people who enjoyed their art. For chefs, they are the people who come to their restaurants.

feeling so annoyed behind that poker face

feeling so annoyed behind that poker face

We might think that world class chefs will be annoyed with shallow comments or questions from know it all person. Apparently, they have touchy and quite sensitive feelings about their arts. Here are some examples of what they feel most annoyed line from people, some of it quite surprising for me.

Chef Igor Macchia, La Credenza, Piedmont, Italy

 Your wife will be a really lucky lady

This is one of the most common comment pops in my head when I see a woman married a great chef. Evidently, most chef do not like to cook at home, hence Chef Macchia felt annoyed when he heard this sort of compliment.

Jeannie Cho Lee, Master of Wine

What is your favorite wine?

Just like when we met a bartender or barrista, we usually ask them what’s your favorite cocktail or coffee recipe. I never suspect this question will create uncomfortable atmosphere during conversation. But Ms Cho Lee bluntly explain that she gets annoyed with this question. She compares the situation with Picasso asked to choose his favorite color.

Chef Shiqin Chen, La Rei, Il Boscareto, Piedmont, Italy

Ask them what their favorite dish is

Chef Chen shares the same shades of outrage with Ms Cho Lee about favorite things. Maybe he might compare this with parents asked to choose their favorite children, to cut the question later.

Chef Victor Quintillà Imbernón, Lluerna, Barcelona, Spain

That the food was made without love

Hmm, no need to be genius to understand this impolite comments.

Chef Galvin Lim, Les Amis, Singapore

Chefs who are skinny can’t cook well

At first, I find this comment quite funny and unrealistic. But then I remember, in Asian culture like Indonesian, there were shared understanding about the relation of waistline and ability to cook. When I remember the great cook in my family or my husband family, most of them do have fuller figure. With the trend of cooking and eating health  spread around the world, this phenomena begin to dissolve. We, or I personally, prefer leaner figure chefs or any expert. Because that means he or she can take care of them self better and function at best with leaner (with assumption healthier condition) body.

So, next time you meet a chef or cook or anyone in culinary business remember these most annoyed line to prevent awkward moments with them.

Ooops, wrong question! Awkward....

Ooops, wrong question! Awkward….

For the complete article visit cnngo here

How do you educate a food retard?


I don’t claim to be food savvy. For the very least I am one food enthusiast and literate to the appreciation of a meal. Seeing ignorance and chauvinism everywhere, some time I just want to scream out loud to people that I call a food retard.

Aaargh! (from Snowflakesarewhite via Flickr)

Aaargh! (from Snowflakesarewhite via Flickr)

Who are they?

Is someone too coward to take a bite forward from their childhood meal

Is someone insist on having the same food through out their sad life

Is someone who selfishly make everybody else following his particular and specific taste, any time, all the time and for ever

Is someone who can’t appriciate other culinary culture and spit some condescending remarks out without thinking

Is someone who never consider the effort behind one plate of meal, mental and physical effort

Is someone who think cooking is a menial job, either professional or home based

Nothing menial about being world's best chef: Rene Redzepe from Noma

Nothing menial about being world’s best chef: Rene Redzepe from Noma

Is someone who refuse going out from their bubble of comfort in taste

Is someone who can’t use his imagination about pairing one food with another

Is someone who underestimate the art of winged it

Is someone who think a good cook is somebody who can make conventional meal with renown headlines and popularity

Is someone who never see that making food is an alternative outlet for relaxation and being artsy

Is someone who think colorful plasticky faux food are cool and classy

This is fake beef, mystery meat with soy. No excuse besides affordability, someone prefer this than the real one

This is fake beef, mystery meat with soy, MSG and food coloring. No excuse besides affordability, someone prefer this than the real one

Is someone who is chauvinist in food ethnicity and origin

Is someone who can’t appreciate the true taste of fresh food

This is real beef, fresh and lively

This is real beef, fresh and lively. It didn’t taste salty like the fake one, It’s meaty!

Is someone who only eat when the prominent taste is salty, the dullness of tastebuds due to high frequency of exposure of MSG and other flavor enhancer substance

Is someone who didn’t have the courtesy to thank or show respect to the cook behind a meal

Is someone who aren’t willing to open his knowledge or tastebud preference to another world of food

Is someone who can’t take the imperfection of cooking, some time it failed but we got to eat it anyway

Is someone who being pain in the ass about how imperfect the food on the table are

Is someone who can’t taste the different between fresh ingredients with instant stuff

Is someone never be gracious or generous with food and food tasting

How do you educate a food retard?

Long life question never got one true answer.

As long as Andrew Zimmern still on air with Food Bizzare show, that means the education is still running.

Cooking while sleeping, use the leftovers


Although my spirit are high welcoming this year’s Ramadhan, me being my self, rolling back to my nature self. Only in two days!

Either I got up too early or too late, I just loosing power to cook something complicated. Besides, I had a huge pile of cold rice leftovers from the last 2 days my husband didn’t eat at home. I have to use that as soon as possible, or I’ll get headache seeing it in my fridge all the time.

Well the fool proof cooking while sleeping, or just feeling really really want to crawl back to my soft and smooth bed with warm fluffy blanket on cold room, are fried rice. My version of spicy and sweet fried rice. It’s a one pot wonder with just about everything I can find at my fridge. Either just eggs and rice, or chicken and anchovies, or bean sprout and eggs and mushroom. Anything is acceptable. So, this was how I did.

Garlic-chilli fried rice: behind the scene

Garlic-chili fried rice: behind the scene

Garlic-chili fried rice: Sahur day two (and three)

Garlic-chili fried rice: Sahur day two (and three)

Mayang style garlic-chili fried rice: Steamy, spicy, extra crunchy.

Another version of my fried rice: extra garlic, extra chili