Something Old and something New


My favorite Starbucks at Skyline building, Thamrin street, Jakarta changed their interior.
It feels homy, with smart design that increase seating capacity with electric socket on each seat. I really like it, the rustic industrial chic sense of it.

Congrats Starbucks Indonesia, you’ve got stellar NEW design!!








The last time I went to Secret Recipe restaurant was almost a year, before three days ago. I was hoping to enjoy their luscious cheese cakes varieties.
I was felt underwhelmed.
I don’t if its because my taste level had elevate, or there were actualy some degree of lack in quality. I don’t like it!
It upset me so much, because this used to be my “Go To” restaurant for cheese cakes. I ordered the whole cakes for numerous occasions for relatives and clients. I used to love and trust their cheese cake quality.
Unfortunately, not so much anymore.
The cake consistency weren’t complimenting the flavor. I don’t taste the high quality cream cheese or any cheesy flavor at all. Only heavy dairy product in various toppings.

Sorry Secret Recipe, I think you should upgrade your OLD cheesecake recipes to keep up the competition!!!




It’s time for award again and NRJS is nominated!


Hey guys, it’s the appreciation time again! Acknowledge blog or blogs that inspire us in different ways

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Very Inspiring Blogger Award Badge

It’s an honor for No Recipe Just Story to be nominated by other respectful blogger.

Please support NRJS and other inspiring blogs by following these rules:

1 Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
2 Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back.
3 Share 7 random things about yourself.
4 Select 15 blogs for the award.
5 Copy and paste the award on your blog somewhere.

I want show my gratitude to Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy for nominating my blog to this award.

Mama Miyuki, “the woman behind the gun” of this exciting food blog wants to share Indonesian food recipes in the most easy breezy way. She also spread her knowledge and experience to recipes from all over the world. The one that I appreciate the most from her is how she makes each recipe so simple to comprehend even for a recipe phobia like me. The Ingredients Index credit for better understanding for the recipes. Check out her blogs and discover the simplest way to prepare you yummiest meal.

I want you to get to know me better, so here’s 7 random things about me:

1. I have soft spot for cheap street food, specially that reminds me to my childhood days of hawkering.

2. Currently I’m crazy with this concoction:  my cold brewed Sidikalang mud coffee +  a lot of sweetened condensed milk with +  ice cubes.

3. I sweat profusely when following recipes while cooking in the kitchen, specially the one with multi steps.

4. I like taking pictures of food with my standard Canon EOS 550D or iPhone.

5. I hate when people didn’t turn off their flash light while taking picture of food in restaurants, so annoying.

6. I gained wight a lot since I started this blog.

7. I really want to start my own online store that sells unique, authentic and organic Indonesia’s delicacy.

My pick on very inspiring blogs are:

1. Epicurina

Bayu Amus, share similar vision with me, which is spreading Indonesian cuisine worldwide. Epicurina not only delivers authentic recipes, also some of the cultural values from the ingredients or the food. That makes me love this blog so much. Bayu’s ability to narrate and building ambiance through his writing is very addictive.

2. Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy

She embodied simplicity without breaking (or broke some of  :p ) the cooking rules to create awesome dish.

3. Majalah Arkeologi Indonesia

I know this blog is in bahasa, but I like cultural history. This blog posts some of the most interesting findings of Indonesia’s culture through archeological findings, including how our ancestors cooks and eats.

4. The Gastronomy Aficionado

This bilingual food blog offers food or restaurant reviews with strong journalism flavor and all the current news updates of the culinary world.

5.  A Cook Not Mad

This blog captured harmonious blend of foodie and photographer in a cup of partnership. They travel around the world revealing the culinary world and immortalized the experience through photos.

6. Blue Kitchen

Terry Boyd’s stories intrigued me more than his recipes. He has splash of romanticism, facts, culture, clear opinion and intelligent sense of humor displayed all around his posts. That’s all it takes to make me adore this blog.

7. Chubby Hubby

Being one of the early food blogger generation make this blog can “hit the mark” over and over again, in terms of delivering recipes, recipe reviews and all those beautiful pictures.

8. Cooking et Cetera

This is a food blog that not only offers recipes, Indonesian food recipes, but outstanding food photography. Claimed as a self learner in food photography, Dhita does has great taste in capturing food as an eatable art.

9. I eat I shoot I post

A very straight forward blog about Singapore’s hawker food. Leslie Tay received many media attention and awards for his blog.

10. Indonesia Eats

This is a memoir blog from a Javanese born food photographer that lives in Canada. Besides Indonesian recipes, the author also shares mediteranian and other asian food recipes. Pretty and neat pictures are the icing on the cake.

11. Just Bento

The dedication and never short in ideas from Makiko Itoh to share her love in bento.

12. Jungle-frog Cooking

A fresh looking blog from a former nurse turn food stylist and food photographer, Simone.

13. After double shot espresso

I just like the photos arranged into a chain of stories, without too much words within.

14. Selby’s Food Corner

I really respect how Selby’s effort in translating Indonesia’s food culture into much familiar International’s food and cuisine vocabulary.

15. Anak Jajan

A living journal documented the Jajan’s family’s adventure exploring food and beverages in Jakarta’s Mall and other places in Indonesia.

Let’s participate this appreciative atmosphere, share your inspiration sources with us.

Left-over delicacy, the sky is my limit


Since I was a little girl, my parents always tell me and my brother a story about DEWI SRI (or Sri the Goddess).

They said that I shall never throw away any left over rice. I must finnish every grain of rice in my plate, or else, Dewi Sri will zap her anger at me. My mom never really explained what kind of zapping Dewi Sri will do to me, and how much grain of rice being thrown away before she began to unleash the anger. I was just a 4 year old kid, I didn’t questioned it and just scraping the plate incase I miss a grain or two.

Why a goddess become angry to a child whom didn’t finish her meal, you might ask. Well, Dewi Sri is the Goddess for farming, specially rice farmers. So symbolized the fertile soil, luscious green paddy and good harvest. The legend said that she didn’t like when human take rice grains for granted. Hence the threatening story being told as part of typical parenting for most Javanese family.

Until my adult years, the mind set of never throw away rice become part of my life style. And the rule even spreading to any kind of food, all eatable stuff must never being thrown away for nothing. That’s why, when you come to my house and open my fridge, there are plastic clips and containers with left overs.

I always looking for inspiration how to use the left overs, so I can eat them and the others too. I don’t want to eat bad meal just because my left overs are over stocked. I usually force my self to cook anything new or buy take outs, until the left overs’ pile diminish.

I have a rocky road tract record with my left overs delicacy. Some of them were just unsalvageable and couldn’t do anything more to it. The other few were eatable in borderline between mediocre to strange yet familiar. My left over rice soup with eggs and anything available. Some times, I just plain ignorance and put left over steamed rice in an open bowl inside the refrigerator.

And I forget about it for almost a week. Then when I’m in the good mood to re organize my fridge and found a hard-sharp irregular object of a -once before- blob of fluffy rice. It was as hard as my plastic knife. I scratched my teflon pan with it several times before. I couldn’t make fried rice from it, oil just make it gets even harder.

So, I pretend the over saved left over rice were just dried pasta and treat them the same too. Then I making my self a hearty soup from them, very similar if me make noodle soup or macaroni soup. It tasted quite the same too. Well, at least my husband willing to eat them a spoonful or two. He is a big fan of chicken noodle soup.

On a fewer occasion I hit the mark and score some goals with the left overs. Remember my baked spring rolls? Yes, that was a left-over delicacy too. They were dynamite!

I’m sharing some of the better looking leftover delicacy I had made and photographed.

Oseng oseng pasta dan sayur

Dried fussily, left over wood ear mushroom, bean sprout, smoked beef and egg stir fry. Chili sambal as condiment.

Garlic-chili fried rice: behind the scene

Breakfast with Garlic-chili fried rice from the left over night before

When angry, I made this hellish fried rice with assorted chilies

When angry, I made this hellish fried rice with assorted chilies

Mayang style garlic-chili fried rice: Steamy, spicy, extra crunchy.

Successful make over, from cold plain last night rice to smoking hot (literally) fried rice

I have a bunch of faded coriander leaves; I used them to add extra umph on my batter for fried tempe

I have a bunch of faded coriander leaves; I used them to add extra umph on my batter for fried tempe

I had left over blanched broccoli and had enough with cold salad thing; so I made clear broth for a broccoli soup

I had left over blanched broccoli and had enough with cold salad thing; so I made clear broth for a broccoli soup

Left over Tape (fermented cassava) become cassava cake with raisin, no extra sugar needed

Left over Tape (fermented cassava) become cassava cake with raisin, no extra sugar needed

This was years ago, I found a half of gummy bears small package and decide to make jelly with it. It didn't taste very good, the bears released bitterness when hot jelly mixture drowned them.

This was years ago, I found a half of gummy bears small package and decide to make jelly with it. It didn’t taste very good, the bears released bitterness when hot jelly mixture drowned them.

This was also years ago, but I still making the same stuff todays. I use any root veggies and hard fruits scatter around the fridge, julienne them and make savory and spicy fritters.

This was also years ago, but I still making the same stuff todays. I use any root veggies and hard fruits scatter around the fridge, julienne them and make savory and spicy fritters.


She master the art of winged it in perfection with respect to the classic recipes


Today would have been Julia Child’s 100th birthday, and both the culinary and pop culture worlds are celebrating. The cooking icon has been made immortal by her PBS show, her famous cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and—most recently—the movie Julie & Julia starring Meryl Streep as Child.

Unsurprisingly, #JuliaChild has also been trending on Twitter. “Julia Child” is also the most searched term on Google today, with over 500,000 searches by 4 p.m. You may have even noticed that the Google Doodle this morning is a cartoon of Julia standing before a kitchen full of her creations. Child, who died in 2004 at age 92, made her legacy with her step-by-step cooking shows that instilled confidence in Americans to cook French foods that they had never ventured to make before—from whole chickens to chocolate layer cakes to boeuf bourguignon. The Google Doodle features all those foods.

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How do you educate a food retard?


I don’t claim to be food savvy. For the very least I am one food enthusiast and literate to the appreciation of a meal. Seeing ignorance and chauvinism everywhere, some time I just want to scream out loud to people that I call a food retard.

Aaargh! (from Snowflakesarewhite via Flickr)

Aaargh! (from Snowflakesarewhite via Flickr)

Who are they?

Is someone too coward to take a bite forward from their childhood meal

Is someone insist on having the same food through out their sad life

Is someone who selfishly make everybody else following his particular and specific taste, any time, all the time and for ever

Is someone who can’t appriciate other culinary culture and spit some condescending remarks out without thinking

Is someone who never consider the effort behind one plate of meal, mental and physical effort

Is someone who think cooking is a menial job, either professional or home based

Nothing menial about being world's best chef: Rene Redzepe from Noma

Nothing menial about being world’s best chef: Rene Redzepe from Noma

Is someone who refuse going out from their bubble of comfort in taste

Is someone who can’t use his imagination about pairing one food with another

Is someone who underestimate the art of winged it

Is someone who think a good cook is somebody who can make conventional meal with renown headlines and popularity

Is someone who never see that making food is an alternative outlet for relaxation and being artsy

Is someone who think colorful plasticky faux food are cool and classy

This is fake beef, mystery meat with soy. No excuse besides affordability, someone prefer this than the real one

This is fake beef, mystery meat with soy, MSG and food coloring. No excuse besides affordability, someone prefer this than the real one

Is someone who is chauvinist in food ethnicity and origin

Is someone who can’t appreciate the true taste of fresh food

This is real beef, fresh and lively

This is real beef, fresh and lively. It didn’t taste salty like the fake one, It’s meaty!

Is someone who only eat when the prominent taste is salty, the dullness of tastebuds due to high frequency of exposure of MSG and other flavor enhancer substance

Is someone who didn’t have the courtesy to thank or show respect to the cook behind a meal

Is someone who aren’t willing to open his knowledge or tastebud preference to another world of food

Is someone who can’t take the imperfection of cooking, some time it failed but we got to eat it anyway

Is someone who being pain in the ass about how imperfect the food on the table are

Is someone who can’t taste the different between fresh ingredients with instant stuff

Is someone never be gracious or generous with food and food tasting

How do you educate a food retard?

Long life question never got one true answer.

As long as Andrew Zimmern still on air with Food Bizzare show, that means the education is still running.

Do you need diet friendly but tasty snack? My Spicy Baked Spring Rolls

Spicy baked spring roll, No dipping sauce needed

Spicy baked spring roll, No dipping sauce needed

Baked spring roll, no extra oil from deep frying

Baked spring roll, no extra oil from deep frying

I was cleaning my refrigerator and found left overs of pickled octopus I brought from Japan months ago and last night baked calamari. A little bit surprised and felt guilty, since I insist on buying the octopus and happy with them as I posted then here.

I have to make something tasty out of it. I can’t let any food wasted without trying to save it or add more values to it. So, I search for inspiration from the rest of my fridge and I felt a light bulb went on in my head.

I rinsed the pickled octopus, to reduce the acidity and pungent smell then chopped it finely. I took my calamari with the rest of baked garlic and ginger then chopped all of them finely too. Now, I got tinny calamari and octopus bits.

I cut half of plain white cabbage from refrigerator and sliced them into thin narrow stripes. I was thinking about adding extra spiciness to compliment the natural acidity and fishiness of both seafood. I had ready to use Sambal Terasi (fish paste based Sambal), that add saltiness besides spiciness.

As my favorite teve chef Jamie Olliver said, taste it! taste it! and taste it!. A couple pinches of sugar, balance everything and the mix was ready to go. I got left over spring roll pastry and then used it to wrap the mix into neat packages. Well, some of them weren’t that neatly wrapped, since I had to put the mix as much as I can into one sheet of pastry, so everything will be ready to bake.

Light brush of last drops of olive oil, continued with margarine to my cookie sheet and the spring rolls. I put them in the oven and left it to do other chores.

When I smell something delicious, that remind me of  grilled fish or grilled calamari, I turn the oven off and let everything still inside the oven. When it’s the time for lunch, I took my spring rolls out and taste them.

To be honest I didn’t think it will taste than great. Fortunately It was delicious. I ate three of them straight away. The pastry become so crunchy without the greasy after taste.

I don’t even need any dipping sauce. It salty, It sour, crunchy and slightly sweet. I love it! It only veggie and protein! Okay some carb too, but It still healthier than deep fry spring rolls.

My lesson from today is:

Baked spring roll with any left over vegetable from the fridge will be my to go food when I crave for crunchy salty snacks.

What would you do with over stocked coffee and tea?


I love to find and collect samples of coffee and tea from different regions of Indonesia. Specially the one made by home industry or small scale factory. Not the mass produced ones. Or just unique products that intrigued me.

That makes me a new kind of hoarder. I got multi jars containing coffees and teas. I don’t want to waste them, and my rate of consumption still can’t keep up with the expiration date. So, I’m thinking to use them into some other food.

One thing I’m known for is my habit for snacking. I love cookies. So, I’m thinking making my stock into cookies.

I tried to find indonesian traditional cookie recipe using coffee or tea and I can’t find them. Maybe I just didn’t search well enough or because our basic culture not very familiar with cookies type.

I looked for several coffee and tea cookies recipe, combine and modify them with my usual winged ability. And I came up with coffee cookie with espresso glaze, mocha cookies with dark chocolate, jasmine tea scented cookies with ground tea leaf glaze.

My next posts will be talking about  Sidikalang coffee, old school packed loose tea and Java chocolate that I used for these cookies.

My Jars of cookies

My Jars of cookies

Mocha cookies with dark chocolate bits

Mocha cookies with dark chocolate bits and Java dark chocolate powder

Very Deep Coffee cookies with espresso glaze. I'm using ground sidikalang coffee bean in the cookie dough.

Very Deep Coffee cookies with espresso glaze. I’m using ground sidikalang coffee bean in the cookie dough.

Jasmine tea scented cookies with ground tea leaf glaze

Jasmine tea scented cookies with ground tea leaf glaze