My pick on Indonesian perfect summer treats



Never get bored with this fruit! Palm fruit or what we usually called “Siwalan” fruit. The flesh are similar with young coconut and each one of them is pocket of coconut water-like liquid. It’s gummy, chewy, jelly-like and refreshing. Best served after chilled in refrigerator.

Jambu air Cincalo

Rose apples are cute, with their pink pouty lips. This fruit is my childhood remedy for summer heat. My neighbor had the tree and the apples are all over the place. We called them “Jambu Cincalo”, usually eat them directly or with peanut based sambal.

Jus daun Pandan

Don’t worry, the green liquid is not contain biohazards. In fact, it’s the most organic juice as organic as it can be. It was a Pandanus leaf’s juice. My mom has a lot of Pandanus leaf’s ¬†bushes. Often she picked a lot and make all sort of food and beverages out of it. It’s grassy, in the good way, and had lovely fragrant that’s were all natural. I used to drink this syrup with a bunch of ice cubes, so its frozen cold, under the mid day sun. Did you just salivating…?

Putu Mayang (polos dan bermahkota)

Yes, this cake also made with Pandan leaf juices. When I crave on cupcake, It’s seem too much If I looked for the usual one. To much cream, to heavy and just too sweet for hot summer day. Indonesian version of cupcake is called “Putu Ayu”. It’s very light, between sweet and savory. Specially when you bite the the fresh coconut shredded’s ‘crown’ , just Yummy.

What’s you favorite treat on summery day?


Cold Green Velvet

Humble green velvet

Humble green velvet

A humble dessert named Srikaya which is a cold custard using coconut cream instead of milk. Signature little dish from West Sumatra’s restaurant (Warung Padang). It’s sweet, smooth and velvety and best serve cold. A palate cleanser and fire extinguisher after all that spicy food.