Eid Mubarak: Forgiveness is jewelled gift like palm fruits


Kolang Kaling (small palm fruits) cooked in orange, passion fruit and melon syrups until they absorb the flavours


Do you have favorite holiday cookies?


It seem too corny matching holiday with cookies? Well thats what we usually have, here in Indonesia.

A tradition that goes back several hundred years, getting the influence from the Dutch during colonial period. They introduce our native ancestors with the art of baking cookies. As Indonesian, we give it a twist and make it our own.

The next holiday is Ied Al Fitr (Idul Fitri), to celebrate our obedience in fasting for a whole month, winning our better spirit and mind. The regular cookies, a must have for every home are; Nastar, Kastengels and Putri Salju.

Nastar is basically a butter cookies with pineapple jam fillings. The true Nastar will have home made pineapple jam in excessive amount inside the cookies. The old school shape will be resembling a guava or rose apple; using cloves as the stalk buds. The newer version will be shaped like small balls or like a leaf.

Kastengel is a cheesy cookies. It must have cheese of the dough and as the toppings. Every bite you should taste the cheesiness all the way to the last bite. Some people likes their Kastengel crunchy, by adding hard cheeses like Gouda. While others likes it smooth and crumbly, by adding more butter and only use cheddar cheese. Either way, every one have their best version of kastengel.

Putri Salju can be translated as Snow White, literally. Why? Because it is a  butter cookies blanketed with powdered sugar. The cookie is the princess and the sugar resemblance the snow.  Some cooks like to add ground nut on the cookie dough, so it will taste nutty and a bit savory against all sweetness from the powdered sugar.

Those three are the Three Musketeer for a great holiday.

I’m sharing some of the activities my mom and I usually have when we make our version of those three delicacies. Oh, we add chocolate cookies to our menu too.


My mother style of Nastar before bake. Extra butter on the dough to create soft cookie, packed with home made pineapple jam.


We are still using old school ovens. No temperature signed, we just wing it. In the oven, the ball shaped expand into half ball shape. Not the prettiest cookies.


Our Kastengels, finger cheese cookies with cheddar cheese. Salty soft crumbly fingers.


Crescent is our favorite shape for Putri Salju, its also the most used shape for this typical cookies. We got fat crescents there …..


The princess bathe in powdered sugar while still hot. After a while it becomes, a snow white. Well, a fat crescent snow white.


My mom’s chocolate cookies in star shape. She change the shape every year. This one always have identity crisis. One year it would be coin shaped with chocolate chips, next year will be crescent, or square or star. Best eaten with vanilla ice cream, hmmm.


My mom’s pride and joy. A row of jars filled with her cookies on Ied holiday.