Banquet for breakfast, Korean style

Korean breakfast by Scott Butner
Korean breakfast, a photo by Scott Butner on Flickr.

In my eye, this is not breakfast. This is a banquet for feast.
I’m sure it takes quite preparations the night before, and must be done routinely to make it effortless. Amazing attitude towards eating and food by Korean culture.

So nice to see different way of eating with similar ingredients from our fellow earth residents.
I can’t skip the distinct choice about the selection of food we eat at breakfast time.

I’m Indonesian, similar to other south east asian culture we ate a lot of carbohydrate based dish. Since our staple food is rice, our common choice for breakfast is rice with condiment.
As the western influence grew on us, the next choice for breakfast is bread based breakfast. Sandwich, pancakes, waffles, etc.
Very difficult to find a bunch of vegetables on our breakfast table these days.


The tale from people of the street-breakfast


Food street vendors are most common in Asia. They prepare their stall since the earliest morning to greet their commoners and provide warm hardy meal of the day.
Like any other honorable profession, these street vendors also have speciality. The breakfast-specific meal vendors usually rise at the dawn and finished the service just before lunch. Most of the vendors only sell one kind of dish or maybe a very short list of menu.
Oh, note that the street-breakfast goers usually a bit fanatic to their favorite stall. And the vendor let these exciting customer pick, prepare and modify their food freely based on the sense of familiarity.

Enjoy some of the pictures from around the world of street style breakfast.

Korean Pancake Breakfast by jgamboa
Korean Pancake Breakfast, a photo by jgamboa on Flickr.

Sarapan Bubur Ayam

Kolkata Breakfast

sarapan nasi jamblang yang terkenal itu


Mie ayam in Java - Indonesia

Precious time at Korean breakfast table

Korean Breakfast-1 by petitxef
Korean Breakfast-1, a photo by petitxef on Flickr.

Not only the difference in food choice that we have for breakfast, but the also the way we ate it show cultural variety that fascinates me.

I usually have breakfast in regular table with chairs, but most of the time I had it on the go. Either eating sandwich or fried rice bento or a boxed milk. Rarely my family have much time to spent at breakfast table, which I think that a shame. We should spare time at the beginning of the day and at the end of it. I’m listing this as one of my new year’s resolution.