The Magic Spell of Stew and Satay ala Eid Al Adha


To day we celebrate festival of sacrifice, the second most important moslem holiday. Eid Al Adha is an ode to prophet Abraham and his son Ishmael for their fortitude.
During this religious day, Kisah Mayang point of interest only for the significant food available.

After symbolic sacrifice through compassionate/merciful slaughtering selected cows, mutton or goats; the meat and all other part of the animal were distributed for all family in need. That means, everybody can have carnivore weekend!


There’s nothing more magical than a bowl of stew OR a plate of satay at Eid Al Adha.

Let’s talk about the stew first.
There are wide range of Indonesian stews, from the sweet sticky Semur; creamy and spicy Gulai to complex yet flavorful Rendang.
But the most popular stew and relatively easy to make is Gulai. Beef, lamb even buffalo or any parts of the animal will be tender and tasty.
Like any other type of stew, it only need slow cooking in low heat for couple of hours. Gulai can be considered as Indonesian version of curry. Tons of dry of fresh spices are used with creamy coconut milk broth.

The second dish is Satay. Basically it is meat on wood skewer on charcoal grill.
Satay usually done for mutton or goat meat. Since those animal have lean meat and tend to a little bit more tough than beef, it required tenderizer. Papaya leaves, grated pineapple usually make the job done.
The skewered meat marinated in simple soy sauce for a minute of two then straight to the charcoal grill. Fanning the charcoal, turning over the meat, regular glazing the meat with soy sauce done repetitively until done.

The preparation cooking Gulai a bit handy, but cooking process is easy. While making satay need minimal preparation but required a lot of action to finished it.

A lot like life isn’t it?
When we prepare well before making a performance, then doing it is easy, hit the spot of objective perfectly. And if we prepare less, we will be busy facing obstacles and arguments.

The Eid Al Adha’s stews and satays are magical. Simply because the animals are being treated with compassion and slaughtered mercifully. The event produce a stress free animals ergo juicier and more tender meat.
Not only it makes you full and satisfied from the delicious meal, but the increasing level of gratitude that makes it all better. Knowing that not only you and your family enjoying the meaty dish today, the rest of people in the community are devouring it too.