Palembang style of spicy Carbonara


Whenever you go to Palembang, Sumatera island of Indonesia ask the locals about Mi Celor (‘Mi’ = noodle, pronounced like mi in miracle ; ‘Celor’ = dipped into, pronounced like cello + r) . 

One of the oldest joint is belong to Mr. Haji M. Syafei at 26 ilir. that’s where I had for breakfast in Palembang. 

For pasta lover and noodle enthusiast, this is a must try. the broth is very thick from the thickest part of coconut milk, and yet it so damn creamy you would think they use eggs and cheese. It instantly remind me of Carbonara sauce because it so smooth. 

The spices and condiments contains seafood, so becareful if you have food allergy. 

this is not a fine dining restaurant, but its authentic. the meal is already mildly spicy, but you can add chilli salsa as you please for the daring ones. 

the noodle’s are home made and have the consistency similar to udon. soak up the rest of the broth with Kerupuk (fish crackers) hmmm… a power breakfast indeed.