Pagi Sore Masakan Padang (Rawa Mangun Muka, East Jakarta)

Padangnese food that costumed to general taste, friendly spiciness for newbie

Padangnese food that costumed to general taste, friendly spiciness for newbie

One of my favorite "Tunjang" (Beef tendon stewed in light coconut milk and spice)

One of my favorite “Tunjang” (Beef tendon stewed in light coconut milk and spice)

My husband's all time favorite "Ayam Goreng Padang" (Skinless and spiced free ranged chicken)

My husband’s all time favorite “Ayam Goreng Padang” (Skinless and spiced free ranged chicken)

My Mom's favorite "Balado Cumi" (Stir fry a whole squid in chili sauce)

My Mom’s favorite “Balado Cumi” (Stir fry a whole squid in chili sauce)

Ethnic dessert "Sarikaya" (frozen coconut milk custard with green coloring)

Ethnic dessert “Sarikaya” (frozen coconut milk custard with green coloring)

Even though this is a restaurant, with good furniture and air conditioner, the proper way to eat still using our hand directly. Don’t hesitate to put a huge pinch of rice and condiment into your wide opened mouth. It’s just how we do it, nothing about politeness. Although one must comply etiquette when you eat at Padangnese restaurant is You Touch, You Eat. This policy are needed because the meal comes in many small plates, like tapas. While everyone have their own individual plate with plain white rice as much as we want. Then every body took the condiments and or protein they want from the small plates. The plate are the small and shared ortion,

The spice and herb that they used are very mild. So this will be much more suitable for you as a newbie in the spicy food world, or Indonesian/ Malay food.


What would you do with over stocked coffee and tea?


I love to find and collect samples of coffee and tea from different regions of Indonesia. Specially the one made by home industry or small scale factory. Not the mass produced ones. Or just unique products that intrigued me.

That makes me a new kind of hoarder. I got multi jars containing coffees and teas. I don’t want to waste them, and my rate of consumption still can’t keep up with the expiration date. So, I’m thinking to use them into some other food.

One thing I’m known for is my habit for snacking. I love cookies. So, I’m thinking making my stock into cookies.

I tried to find indonesian traditional cookie recipe using coffee or tea and I can’t find them. Maybe I just didn’t search well enough or because our basic culture not very familiar with cookies type.

I looked for several coffee and tea cookies recipe, combine and modify them with my usual winged ability. And I came up with coffee cookie with espresso glaze, mocha cookies with dark chocolate, jasmine tea scented cookies with ground tea leaf glaze.

My next posts will be talking about  Sidikalang coffee, old school packed loose tea and Java chocolate that I used for these cookies.

My Jars of cookies

My Jars of cookies

Mocha cookies with dark chocolate bits

Mocha cookies with dark chocolate bits and Java dark chocolate powder

Very Deep Coffee cookies with espresso glaze. I'm using ground sidikalang coffee bean in the cookie dough.

Very Deep Coffee cookies with espresso glaze. I’m using ground sidikalang coffee bean in the cookie dough.

Jasmine tea scented cookies with ground tea leaf glaze

Jasmine tea scented cookies with ground tea leaf glaze

Guess what? This time I did it! (successful attempt deconstructing rendang flavor, my way)

Mi Kuah Sapi Poyah by Mayang

If you are regular to norecipejuststory blog, then you must know that I can’t follow recipe to cook (hence the blog’s name).

My style of cooking is to wing it. No measurements, just follow my intuition and my taste buds. Most of the time, I produce average meal that eatable and suitable for daily menu. When holiday or ceremonial day come, I’m getting nervous badly. I know, I don’t have the patience to cook a whole set of feast meal. So, I winged it and this was what I came up with.

Ied day or Lebaran in bahasa in my family and the in laws require special set of menu that become tradition every year.

My mum’s menu for Lebaran day were: Sayur Pepaya Muda Ebi (Shredded unripe papaya in spicy coconut milk soup with dried shrimp), Gulai Ayam (Chicken curry with Sundanese twist), Rendang (her version of Beef Rendang) and Sambal goreng hati – udang – petai  (Shrimp-beef liver- stinky bean stir fry in chili sauce).

While my mother in law’s menu were: Gulai itik lado mudo (Padangnese version of green duck curry: green color came from green chili paste), Tauco Udang (Shrimp and tofu in salty fermented liquid been sauce and chilies), Gulai Pepaya Muda (Julienned unripe papaya in coconut milk and turmeric soup), Rendang kering (her version of Beef Rendang).

You can click on each text to access one version of it recipe. Not our family’s recipe, just to give better description. Oh, some of the recipe in bahasa, so you can use Google translator if needed.

So, whats the common dish between two family? Yes Beef Rendang. Although my mother’s style very different than my mother in law’s, beef rendang still a crowd pleaser. That’s why, I racked my brain out to make something very simple yet with the flavor of rendang.

The final result is, I make something I called Mi Siram Sapi Poyah.

Its basically boiled noodle or any other type of long pasta ( I made mine fresh by the way), with very-very beefy broth (extra shredded beef were added in the broth); tomato, celery and lime salsa, fried tofu and spicy toasted coconut sprinkles (made from freshly shredded coconut). Also a creamy peanut based chili sambal for extra heat.

I know it may look too simple to mimic the complex beef rendang, but somehow it worked. The flavor and fragrant of rendang came from the spicy toasted coconut.

I’m adding rendang wet paste (i winged my mother recipe) and the powdered ones to a freshly shredded coconut, mix them well on a non stick pan without using oil. It takes quite some time until all the coconut absorb the paste and toasted, change color, dried out and became sprinkleable.

English: Rendang, beef cooked in spices and co...

English: Rendang, beef cooked in spices and coconut milk. 日本語: ルンダン(牛肉とスパイスをココナッツミルクで2時間煮込む) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my food critic is my husband. When he said my beefy noodle tasty and remind him with rendang, then he add more noodles to his bowl, I know I succeed this time. Ooh the sweet taste of victory…..

The unique fact is that the broth are so beefy and tasty, anyone who ate one portion keep adding more noodles to  the remains of the broth on the bottom of their bowl.

Deconstructed Rendang and Ketupat: Mi Kuah Sapi Poyah

Deconstructed Rendang and Ketupat: Mi Kuah Sapi Poyah

It tasted very beefy, light and fresh but also spicy and herby similar to rendang.

It so easy to make. I’m making this dish in my holiday menu.

Meet Me at Starbucks


If you happens to be in a Starbucks at Jakarta and see me sitting alone focusing on my Mac and my headphone on, don’t hesitate to say hi.

We can share stories about your experience to winged recipes , foolish cooking attempts, kitchen nightmares or local produced groceries and so much more food related subjects. Maybe I can review your food related business, or you can inspire me for my articles or personal projects. Or we can spend giggling time for a moment before heading back to work.

I know, my soft spots for Starbucks may seem less Indonesian. Since most of my articles in this blog is to promote and share Indonesian food experience, you may wonder why.

The shallow explanation because Starbucks is easy. I can access their store easily, even 24 hours if I want to. One more thing is easy access of fast internet connection courtesy from their partner: Biznet in every Starbucks stores at Jakarta. All I need is one user ID and one password, I can access the connection at every Starbucks. No fuss.

If you want a little bit deeper explanation, here they are.

First, as huge and fast growing multi continent company, Starbucks stores always offer anything but generic services. With so many coffee shops or cafes popping around Jakarta, Starbucks still able to maintain a little bit uniqueness or even snobbishness in positive way.

Second, the company concern for the coffee farmer and conserve the origin of the coffee beans quite remarkable. Regardless the dynamic of coffee trading in the world, they have clear policy to do ethical trading and required their partner to grow coffee responsibly.

Third, when they say, ‘premium’ to describe the condiments it does taste damn good. Premium milk, premium freshly whipped cream, premium chocolate, premium syrups, etc.

Fourth, their original blend:  Starbucks® Espresso Roast uses combination of Indonesian and Latin American coffee beans since the 70’s.

They also sell other product from Indonesian coffee beans without diminishing the distinct Indonesian flare from the it:

Komodo Dragon Blend®

Komodo Dragon Blend®

Sumatra Coffee beans

Sumatra Coffee beans

Sulawesi Coffee Beans

Sulawesi Coffee Beans

Fifth, most of their barristas, security officers and other staff at any store in Jakarta are very friendly and helpful. They help me finding cable extension for my lap top, I can ask them to watch over my belongings while I’m away to the bathroom, etc.

Sixth, when they provide in store bath room they take care of it cautiously. Always clean, dry, never runs out tissues and odorless.

Seventh, I can ask for a glass of water as much as I can for free! Sometimes I don’t comfortable with the sticky feeling in my mouth after sipping any cold-creamy beverages. I need water to rinse it out, so I will enjoy the drinks at the next sips. While other cafes charge for a glass of clear water, Starbucks provide them free even with extra ice cubes.

My usual spots are Starbucks at Kelapa Gading or La Piazza or Skyline building at Thamrin. So when you see me, or listen for order: Grande Mocha Frappuccino without whipped cream and extra double shot espresso, don’t forget to say hi!

Knock on my table and say hi!

Knock on my table and say hi!

Cooking while sleeping, use the leftovers


Although my spirit are high welcoming this year’s Ramadhan, me being my self, rolling back to my nature self. Only in two days!

Either I got up too early or too late, I just loosing power to cook something complicated. Besides, I had a huge pile of cold rice leftovers from the last 2 days my husband didn’t eat at home. I have to use that as soon as possible, or I’ll get headache seeing it in my fridge all the time.

Well the fool proof cooking while sleeping, or just feeling really really want to crawl back to my soft and smooth bed with warm fluffy blanket on cold room, are fried rice. My version of spicy and sweet fried rice. It’s a one pot wonder with just about everything I can find at my fridge. Either just eggs and rice, or chicken and anchovies, or bean sprout and eggs and mushroom. Anything is acceptable. So, this was how I did.

Garlic-chilli fried rice: behind the scene

Garlic-chili fried rice: behind the scene

Garlic-chili fried rice: Sahur day two (and three)

Garlic-chili fried rice: Sahur day two (and three)

Mayang style garlic-chili fried rice: Steamy, spicy, extra crunchy.

Another version of my fried rice: extra garlic, extra chili

The Ultimate Chicken Noodle (a Mouthful Medan)

The Top Toppings

Chicken Noodle (Mi Ayam) is one of generic for any meal time type of food in Indonesia.
It positioned at the same spot as fried rice (Nasi Goreng), padangnese platter (Nasi Padang), Chicken Porridge (Bubur Ayam) and Meatball soup noodle (Mi bakso).

You see, I am an ordinary Javanese women. I like chicken noodles, but I never took it seriously as a reputable dish. I tasted restaurant and branded bowls of chicken noodles. It never ranked as high-end food for me.

Then I married to a foodie family. Who took everything they eat seriously. My father in law will go climb the mountain or swim across the sea to find a tasteful meal.

It did happen for a chicken noodles from Medan.

The humble restaurant located at the corner Gwandu Street or Jl. Perniagaan, Medan. You won’t miss it. It will be the busy vendor at the afternoon until midnight. It called “Mi Ayam Akong/ Acim“.

The creator is Mrs. Acim. Her magical hands delivered an extraordinary recipe for the Ultimate chicken noodles.

Now, her son Akong, continuing her mother’s path to keep the recipe at their family.

God knows how many chicken noodle I’ve tasted. From restaurants, street vendors, home-made, five stars hotel, branded, chained, food court style, etc. Some of them are great, some good, most of them mediocre if not bad.

Just like the other delicacy from Medan I’ve tasted, I knew it from reheated ones. My mother in law brought back from Medan, put it on freezer. If we want to eat it, we melt it with microwave and boil the broth. Even when the food was post freezing dormant, exposed to multiple heat exposure still make me fall in love.

Yeah, I’m in love with this dish without tasting the fresh ones.

Love at the first slurp

What’s to love from a simple chicken noodle?
The answer is, What’s NOT to love?

The egg noodles, it’s freshly made. Al dente enough to give you something to bite for, but not rubbery. The brown sauce used to coated boiled noodles is to die for.

look at that secret brown sauce!

Behind the scene of the ultimate chicken noodles

I’m guessing it is reduced broth from shrimp’s head, chicken bones and more. They are certain that their noodles Halal or pork free.

A small bowl of clear broth the served with. Silent tune that sings “chicken broth” in the subtle way yet still palatable. Seasoning is excellent in most harmonious way between simple salt and pepper.

Clear chicken broth

Clear chicken broth

The shrimp dumplings is the prima donna of the dish. A tube form of dumpling, using tofu skin to rolled the shrimp meat then deep-fried. While wait our bowls of noodles ready we munch on the dumplings dipped it to their special sambal. Just in minutes me and my husband finished five little serve plates of it. Again, the seasoning is superb.

Fried shrimp dumplings

Fried shrimp dumplings

For your information, my taste buds are sensitive to salt. I will know and despise when the food is way too salty. Most of chinese food are too salty for me. But not this one! Mr. Akong and his daughter seasoned the dumpling very lightly so the shrimp still shines.

The other condiments to the noodles are half of boiled egg, shredded chicken, scallions, cakwe, fish meatball and fried red onions. Every little item is prepared carefully. The boiled egg cooked perfectly with only slightly grey ring around the yolk.

The Top Toppings

The Top Toppings

The sambal and pickled chillies make this dish a bowl of heaven with rainbow, angles and everything. I’m flying and speechless. Suddenly my eyes filled with tears of joy.

A bowl of heaven

A bowl of heaven

This is my ultimate chicken noodles of all time. After this, I just can’t take any mediocre ones.

Whenever you got a chance to visit Medan at North Sumatera, Indonesia you should ask the local about this. Remember the name: Mi Pangsing Acim/ Akong at Perniagaan street.

Sacrifice for Rise


If you hear the word sacrifice, would you ever think about food? I do.
For so many reason, talking about food not always fun, happy and glamour. Most of the time people shed their sweat, tears and blood to be able to feed their family or harvesting a good produce.
Well, although I’m discussing sacrifice here but I don’t want to make us too depressed. I find the simplest yet gracious sacrifice of food is on our backyard.

My parent’s backyard had starfruit trees, sugar-apple trees and pomegranate trees beside pandanus, common bushes and flowers. Since my parents only live by them selves, most of the fruit were un-eatable. My dad is very strict about not wasting food away, he even eat all the left overs or gave them to the wild kittens rather than throw them away to the garbage bin.
Regarding the fruits, after sending to all his neighbor until they got bored, he let it fall to the ground. Every now and then I would see them lying around in the ground for couple of days until dissolved by nature.

Rising plant is not easy. Neither bushes, flowers, grass or trees. But my parents have the best soil, everything grow easily.

My family and I assume, that phenomena happens due to the essence of star fruits, sugar apples and pomegranates penetrate the soil and nourish it. They allow their strong-snappy flesh go rotten, liquefy then disappear to the ground.

I see it as a self sacrifice gesture from these fruits (with a little help from my dad, off course). Gave away their juicy and nutritious body to nature, allowing another living organisms to bloom.

All the sugar apples are gone a few weeks ago. The pomegranate still hanging strongly to their stalk, not their time yet. Now, is the starfruit’s turn.

This is a sad but beautiful story from my parents backyard.

Yellow and green allowing pink to grow

Yellow and green allowing pink to grow

sacrificing starfruit

sacrificing starfruit

Pink blossom thanking rotten yellow

Pink blossom thanking rotten yellow