Durian Pancake, the trendy and stylish King of fruit

Durian pancake, Mango and Avocado Pancake

In the last four to five years, Durian is becoming more acceptable. Not only to westerners’ taste bud, but also the rest of Non- Durian lovers’ -Asian breed tongue.
Sorry, it’s not supposed to sound that harsh. I just want to emphasize that people are relentless finding ways to create something using Durian in order to expand its fan share.
Durian Pancake came around that time.
And it became a big hit.A culture phenomena, I say. Just like Jegging (Jeans-Legging) in the world of fashion. Not every one’s favorite, but still a mega trend.
Pancake Durian actually has variety of forms and texture. The one that become a trend setter is the plumpy and square -pillow like- presentation.

durian & mango pancake

Thin crepe pancake from tapioca flour created a smooth blanket for creamy-doughy and wet Durian flesh. Some use vibrant green color, some are pale to bright yellow.

Durian pancake, Mango and Avocado Pancake

Durian pancake, Mango and Avocado Pancake

The high note for this delicacy is keep your hands clean, dry and not smelly after eating Durian. One of my cousin likes Durian, but she can’t handle to smell its aroma from her fingers after eating it.
a clean bite of Durian

a clean bite of Durian

Now, she pass the Au Naturalle Durian and switched her faith to pancake Durian. It look pretty, easy to eat and you got free hands!
Over the years, more and more people or community make Pancake Durian with their own flare and style. Just like fashion, they mix and matched it with other textures or forms.
pancake durian gallery

We can find a pancake Durian using crunchy crepes or egg based pancake and more. The red line is, they all use the good quality ripe less fermented Durian.
From the messy and smelly eating to stylish sophisticated dish. Durian Pancake is a cultural phenomena.


The tale from people of the street-breakfast


Food street vendors are most common in Asia. They prepare their stall since the earliest morning to greet their commoners and provide warm hardy meal of the day.
Like any other honorable profession, these street vendors also have speciality. The breakfast-specific meal vendors usually rise at the dawn and finished the service just before lunch. Most of the vendors only sell one kind of dish or maybe a very short list of menu.
Oh, note that the street-breakfast goers usually a bit fanatic to their favorite stall. And the vendor let these exciting customer pick, prepare and modify their food freely based on the sense of familiarity.

Enjoy some of the pictures from around the world of street style breakfast.

Korean Pancake Breakfast by jgamboa
Korean Pancake Breakfast, a photo by jgamboa on Flickr.

Sarapan Bubur Ayam

Kolkata Breakfast

sarapan nasi jamblang yang terkenal itu


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