Something Old and something New


My favorite Starbucks at Skyline building, Thamrin street, Jakarta changed their interior.
It feels homy, with smart design that increase seating capacity with electric socket on each seat. I really like it, the rustic industrial chic sense of it.

Congrats Starbucks Indonesia, you’ve got stellar NEW design!!








The last time I went to Secret Recipe restaurant was almost a year, before three days ago. I was hoping to enjoy their luscious cheese cakes varieties.
I was felt underwhelmed.
I don’t if its because my taste level had elevate, or there were actualy some degree of lack in quality. I don’t like it!
It upset me so much, because this used to be my “Go To” restaurant for cheese cakes. I ordered the whole cakes for numerous occasions for relatives and clients. I used to love and trust their cheese cake quality.
Unfortunately, not so much anymore.
The cake consistency weren’t complimenting the flavor. I don’t taste the high quality cream cheese or any cheesy flavor at all. Only heavy dairy product in various toppings.

Sorry Secret Recipe, I think you should upgrade your OLD cheesecake recipes to keep up the competition!!!




Starbucks’ monolog


I tried to capture moment every time I went to Starbucks. Although the fact is there were missed out cups during cloudy-moody day.
I genuinely believe that every cups gave me positive boost through each of its own unique ways. Instagram facilitated the need for accentuated each character.

After a while, the pictures piling up and I think I can narrate them into stories for you.

So, without further ado, I present to you … my first Starbucks’ monolog

My bitterness is hidden but never gone.

Drowned under the thick and condensed consciousness, falsely describing sweetened life

Inside my #mochafrappuccino : Afogato-ed double shot of espresso by #starbucksnomad

I owned the darkness and accept the bitter-sweet coldness from it.

But sometimes I envy they, whom absorbing the sunshine freely.

Outside my #mochafrappuccinno by #starbucksnomad

The realization was alarming.

I do still live in a bubble.

No matters how others knew me, even labelled me, they can’t touch my core.

I am, maybe will always be, lonely in the mind

Hello world! I got my baby again, #mochafrappuccinno #starbucksnomad and everything more colorfull now #norecipejuststory

These were all between unconsciousness moments.

When pores or holes started eating the thick conscious state.

From the inside.

Reversed gradation #starbucksnomad #mochafrappuccino #doubleshotespresso #jogjakarta #norecipejuststory

Step into others’ shoes, and experienced being somebody else for a change.

Composed attitude, velvety-sultry voice and extra sweetness added to every words.

Felt good even warming for a while.

The sickening and noxious after taste that  I can’t handle.

I should never lie to my self.

New fave couple for late night company: hot #milkgreentea and hot #applepie. #sweettooth #starbucksnomad #butcoffee #norecipejuststory

My patchy mind won’t stop.

It won’t let me rest.

The anxiety rising that I need more learning, more adventure.

The darkness start marbled it ways to define my flavor of life.

Marble like color gradation of my caramel #mochafrappuccino a #goodcompany for reading. #starbucksnomad #norecipejuststory

Fiery gut in the morning.

Woody scent remind me of mother earth.

Reminded me to be humble.

My anxiety reflects my arrogance.

Less fatty cells in soul would do me good for the long run.

Tall nonfat #cappuccinno extra #cinnamon makes my world colorful again. #starbucksnomad #norecipejuststory

Just when I thought I learned something.

When I’m sure that I could digest daily sweetness, finally.

My tongue bite me in the brain.

I can handle firmness and dense wall.

Hyper sweetness always felt artificial, pushes my paranoia button on.

Sumatran coffee eclairs, too dense and firm but right amount sweetness #starbucksnomad #jakarta #norecipejuststory #coffee

Not that hard straightens my mind back, actually.

Soft spoken guidance that preserved my independency,

Crumbly wisdom from an old residence of the earth,

All and everything with less candied response.
Sweet companion #snacks #starbucksnomad #afterdoubleshotespresso #norecipejuststory

Night time is the hardest part.

Time when the milky white world of extremist society.

And the deep dark corner of the human war.

Collide. The rim is blurred.

lullaby cappuccino bfore bed time #starbucksnomad #norecipejuststory

Step back for a moment always useful.

Let loose and feel the darkness hugged you into it.

Sometimes, when we are very very lucky.

Clarity will smacked you in the face.

As clear as crystal cubes of twice filtrated frozen water.
Clarity, never felt so strong. My monday night fuel. #icedcoffe #verona @starbucksindonesia #starbucksnomad #norecipejuststory

Red is my color.

At least that’s what mother believe destined for me.

While my preferences will differ from time to time.

Courageous come inconsistently.

Appreciation for holidays’ common sense are sacred.

Fortunately, family’s golden glow will save me when needed.
Better late than never! The luminescence #redcup #holiday special @starbucksindonesia #starbucksnomad #norecipejuststory #cappuccino

Meet Me at Starbucks


If you happens to be in a Starbucks at Jakarta and see me sitting alone focusing on my Mac and my headphone on, don’t hesitate to say hi.

We can share stories about your experience to winged recipes , foolish cooking attempts, kitchen nightmares or local produced groceries and so much more food related subjects. Maybe I can review your food related business, or you can inspire me for my articles or personal projects. Or we can spend giggling time for a moment before heading back to work.

I know, my soft spots for Starbucks may seem less Indonesian. Since most of my articles in this blog is to promote and share Indonesian food experience, you may wonder why.

The shallow explanation because Starbucks is easy. I can access their store easily, even 24 hours if I want to. One more thing is easy access of fast internet connection courtesy from their partner: Biznet in every Starbucks stores at Jakarta. All I need is one user ID and one password, I can access the connection at every Starbucks. No fuss.

If you want a little bit deeper explanation, here they are.

First, as huge and fast growing multi continent company, Starbucks stores always offer anything but generic services. With so many coffee shops or cafes popping around Jakarta, Starbucks still able to maintain a little bit uniqueness or even snobbishness in positive way.

Second, the company concern for the coffee farmer and conserve the origin of the coffee beans quite remarkable. Regardless the dynamic of coffee trading in the world, they have clear policy to do ethical trading and required their partner to grow coffee responsibly.

Third, when they say, ‘premium’ to describe the condiments it does taste damn good. Premium milk, premium freshly whipped cream, premium chocolate, premium syrups, etc.

Fourth, their original blend:  Starbucks® Espresso Roast uses combination of Indonesian and Latin American coffee beans since the 70’s.

They also sell other product from Indonesian coffee beans without diminishing the distinct Indonesian flare from the it:

Komodo Dragon Blend®

Komodo Dragon Blend®

Sumatra Coffee beans

Sumatra Coffee beans

Sulawesi Coffee Beans

Sulawesi Coffee Beans

Fifth, most of their barristas, security officers and other staff at any store in Jakarta are very friendly and helpful. They help me finding cable extension for my lap top, I can ask them to watch over my belongings while I’m away to the bathroom, etc.

Sixth, when they provide in store bath room they take care of it cautiously. Always clean, dry, never runs out tissues and odorless.

Seventh, I can ask for a glass of water as much as I can for free! Sometimes I don’t comfortable with the sticky feeling in my mouth after sipping any cold-creamy beverages. I need water to rinse it out, so I will enjoy the drinks at the next sips. While other cafes charge for a glass of clear water, Starbucks provide them free even with extra ice cubes.

My usual spots are Starbucks at Kelapa Gading or La Piazza or Skyline building at Thamrin. So when you see me, or listen for order: Grande Mocha Frappuccino without whipped cream and extra double shot espresso, don’t forget to say hi!

Knock on my table and say hi!

Knock on my table and say hi!

Manisnya Hazelnut Latte


secangkir kebaikan

Malam minggu yang cukup kelabu ini, saya tiba-tiba mendapatkan hadiah yang nikmat, hangat dan manis bagai secangkir Hazelnut Latte dihadapan saya saat ini.

Benar juga ucapan salah satu filsuf yang saya lupa namanya; senyumlah, satu senyumanmu dapat menyelamatkan nyawa seseorang.
Hari ini saya mendapat hadiah yang memberikan secercah sinar matahari di kelabunya suasana hati. Bukan berupa barang yang mahal atau intan berlian.
Murni kebaikan hati dan keinginan untuk membantu sesama manusia. Tindakan sederhana dari seorang petugas kebersihan pada tanggal 29 Oktober 2011 pukul 18.06. Begitu sederhananya apa yang ia berikan namun mampu membuat saya tersenyum lebar setelah seharian merasa stress.

Bantuan berupa membantu supaya saya dapat mencharge ipad karena saya lupa membawa sambungan antara kepala charger dengan stop kontak di Starbucks Cafe Thamrin ini.
Ketika saya mengutarakan kesulitan saya karena baterai ipad ini sudah hampir habis, ia segera berbalik ke ruang belakang dan tidak keluar selama beberapa menit. Saya berpikir, ya sudah ia memang tidak bisa bantu dan sedang banyak pekerjaan

Tiba-tiba saat menikmati tegukan pertama dari kopi saya, ia datang membawa gulungan kabel yang memiliki bagian yang sesuai dengan bentuk kepala charger ipad saya.
Senyum lebar yang tulus pertama hari ini dari saya langsung mekar. Saya tidak menanyakan namanya, saya terus terang malu sendiri. Hanya saja, saya sangat menghargai tindakannya yang begitu sederhana namun menghangatkan hati saya yang dingin.

Disinilah saya kembali tersentak, ada dua hal utama yang saya sadari;

Pertama, Starbucks cabang Indonesia rupanya juga mengadopsi dengan serius budaya Starbucks dari Amerika yang ingin menjadikan dirinya tempat ketiga setelah rumah dan kantor. Sehingga seluruh pegawainya berusaha untuk menciptakan pengalaman Starbucks yang otentik.
Tadinya saya cukup pesimis dengan Starbucks cabang Indonesia. Karena seringkali orang Indonesia kalau mengadopsi sesuatu sifatnya setengah-setengah.
Tetapi pengalaman hari ini mengubah total pandangan saya mengenai Starbucks Indonesia. Bukan dari para baristanya, bukan dari menunya, namun dari keindahan hati seorang petugas kebersihan.

Kedua, saya jadi merenung dan kembali merasa malu sendiri.
Berapa banyak waktu dalam hidup saya yang melibatkan wajah cemberut dan mimik wajah murka? Berapa kali saya memberikan muka kecut atau pandangan dingin pada orang lain? Berapa kali saya menjauh atau menggelengkan kepala saat orang lain membutuhkan bantuan sederhana? Betapa banyak waktu yang telah saya buang dengan kesia-siaan karena tidak membantu orang lain.
Karena mengecilkan kemungkinan diri saya membawa keriaan, kehangatan bagi orang lain yang tidak saya kenal.

Malam ini saya malu dengan diri sendiri, saya malu pada petugas kebersihan itu, namun saya bahagia.
Bahagia karena hati hidung saya mencium aroma sedap Hazelnut Latte, lidah saya mencecap legitnya eclairs yang saya pesan sebagai pendamping dan yang terpenting, hati saya hangat oleh tindakan sederhana nan indah.
Mari berbagi manisnya ketulusan dan indahnya kebaikan hati….

Kalau saya lupa, tolong ingatkan ya! (ini pesan khusus saya untuk alam semesta)