Why No Recipes ?


updated 13/04/2014

….. The Blog

This blog named No Recipe Just Story, simply because I am not a good cook.

My mom, my aunts and my in laws agreed that I didn’t have the courage to cook. I was (and still) afraid getting splashed by hot oil when frying calamari, I couldn’t measure how much galangal or ginger or turmeric used to make the balanced curry and I often produced under seasoned dish.

On the other side, I never fail to please my self with food I made my self since teenager. The problem was, I never cooked anything that has a title. The reason for that because I can’t follow recipes. I just can’t. I don’t know why. So when my cousin ask, “What did you cook?” I’d terrified to answer. If I said a title of popular dish that similar or mimicked with my creation, people will compare and it will be judged.

Since me and my husband moving out to our own space, I’m responsible to put something on the table for us to eat every day. So how am I doing so far? Not bad actually.  My husband always finish his meal and I got less complain. FYI, my husband is one of several person I know, as the most difficult people to be pleased about food. So many things he doesn’t like about food. Not only the ingredient or the produce, but the way its cooked or the way it sat on the plate and of course the taste.

So my guide to creating a meal is just a set of keywords about what my husband didn’t like. When I can avoid that and add my values about good meal, all I have to do is wing it. No recipe, no measuring, no title. I just try to make a clean, simple meal and very easy, yet less garbage or clutter in the kitchen. That’s why, you won’t see any recipe here. At least, not from me.

The next big thing about me is I like telling stories about food with character and attitude. For my eyes, some time food can talk. Through their gesture naturally, or how at that moment happened and documented or  when I imagine it interact with the surrounding just by being there. Besides that, I also fascinated by stories from the geography; the city; the culture and the people participated making the food available for me. Ergo, ‘just story’ phrase came along. I also like to travel and immersed my self with local ambiance to experience different culture and food. Although I’m not frequent traveller, yet, I do like to share my point of view (POV) about that particular place by text and photos.

Eventhough I try to take fancy pretty pictures in food photography style, some time I just shot it bare naked, when I need to say the truth about the food. On the other time I twisted the picture so much, you almost can’t recognize that it was food.

One more thing, I love Indonesian food and proud with my heritage. Although, I’m not so proud on how we are doing lately, but I feel I have an obligation to do something about our culinary treasures. In this blog, you could also find my personal pick on Indonesian food (and beverages) in wide spectrum. Sometime I found it during travel, on the other time just an everyday stuff for us. Once again, no recipe involved.

The content is written in English and sometimes I post in Bahasa, but not as translation. Some stories are better in its mother language to earn the correct values. The common thread for the whole blog are my taste and my experience. Hopefully those will met your preference.

….. The Writer

I am a functioning bipolar with medical and master of hospital administration background.

Currently I am in a cross road of my life. When everything feel unsure, the love of food never fails to cheer me up. The past few months there were so much unsureness that numb me to the core, hence my long travel to the other side of the globe was necessary .After experiencing highs and lows of culinary world during my travel to Europe and United Kingdom for 8 weeks, I have new understanding and slightly shifted POV, that you will encounter to my latest posts than earlier.

I never had been a consistent blog writer, I apologize ahead for that. Bipolarism produce inconsistency in so many aspect of my life, but I won’t stop trying.

My main goal is and will always be; encourage others to get to know better about Indonesian through our food.

We are so much more delicious than (commonly found and wrongly assume) center of terrorism.

Let’s Eat!

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